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The Evolution of Recruitment

Read this article and discover the power that new trends and tools have to take modern recruiters to the next level

How Lockheed Martin Put The Human Touch In Talent Engagement

Find out how Lockheed Martin fostered personal relationships with their automated talent engagement strategy.


5 Tips to Building a Seasonal Recruitment Strategy

Stop starting seasonal hiring from scratch. Here are five tips to building a sustainable seasonal recruitment strategy.

Novo Nordisk’s Global Candidate Platform

When Novo Nordisk aligned global teams across a centralized candidate system, they improved the integrity of reporting, reduced sourcing costs, and facilitated compliance with privacy regulations.

Scale Your Culture: HR Tech Leads to 33 percent Annual Growth for Metro Bank

How is HR enabling 33 percent year-on-year growth since Metro Bank was founded in 2010? By leveraging data to optimize hiring efficiency and promoting a strong company culture through candidate experience.


Talent Pooling: Myth or Silver Bullet?

You understand the need for proactive recruiting. Will talent pools be the strategy that work for you? What about talent pipelines?

What Recruitment Can Learn From Sales

When Infineon revamped their approach to talent acquisition, it proved to be the catalyst to increasing recruitment five-fold, while reducing external headhunter costs by 78 percent.


Nurture Your Recruitment Strategy Through Talent Segmentation

Marketing segmentation improves success for strategic HR initiatives across the talent life-cycle. Learn what you need to get started.


6 Reasons to Invest in a Single Recruitment Platform

We explore the benefits of adopting a one-platform approach to talent acquisition by investing in a best-in-class recruiting suite.


Decoding Recruitment Effectiveness in the Modern Era

Think Source of Influence tracking will answer all of your questions? Think again - we dig deep into this buzzword and reveal why it lacks true insight.


Agile HR: A Recruiting Story

Going HR agile can improve hiring manager engagement and increase ROI. An agile recruiting case study from Avature’s Talent Acquisition team shares how.

How USI Insurance Services Attracts Top Talent Through Nimble, Data-Driven Decisions

Following a period of tremendous growth, USI chose to consolidate its recruiting solutions into one platform for talent acquisition.