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Combatting an Uncertain Future with Total Talent Management

With change the only constant in today’s turbulent labour market, a total talent strategy can help companies prepare for an uncertain future.

Scale Your Culture: HR Tech Leads to 33 percent Annual Growth for Metro Bank

How is HR enabling 33 percent year-on-year growth since Metro Bank was founded in 2010? By leveraging data to optimize hiring efficiency and promoting a strong company culture through candidate experience.

How Pandora Leveraged Recruitment Events to Hire Against the Clock

When Pandora expanded its recruiting operations into Atlanta, they overcame numerous challenges whilst more than doubling their hiring forecasts.

How Laitram Discovered the Power of Innovation in Talent Acquisition

Learn how Laitram gave their talent acquisition teams the freedom to take control of their own processes and equipped them with the tools to create innovative recruiting solutions.

What Recruitment Can Learn From Sales

When Infineon revamped their approach to talent acquisition, it proved to be the catalyst to increasing recruitment five-fold, while reducing external headhunter costs by 78 percent.

Optimizing Campus Recruiting: How Viasat Captivates Tomorrow’s Talent

Ensuring a positive candidate experience at every stage of the sourcing and recruiting process is what makes the difference between attracting or missing out on top talent.

A World of Opportunity: How Deloitte Engages the Contingent Workforce

Deloitte Australia is attracting top talent in the gig economy by offering contract workers a tailored and seamless experience using Contingent Workforce Management.

Transforming Talent Acquisition at CBS

At CBS, strategic HR means creating an efficient and easy hiring experience for all their stakeholders. Read more about how they have transformed talent acquisition with Avature ATS.

Seven-in-One: How Cisco Built a Comprehensive Recruiting Solution Using Avature

Increased productivity, user experience and data-driven results -- discover the gains from Cisco’s one-platform approach to recruiting using Avature.

How USI Insurance Services Attracts Top Talent Through Nimble, Data-Driven Decisions

Following a period of tremendous growth, USI chose to consolidate its recruiting solutions into one platform for talent acquisition.

Engaging Talent On Campus with Encompass Health

For healthcare organizations like Encompass Health, campus recruitment is crucial. Engaging talent, requires a HR software solution that supports a comprehensive student recruitment strategy.

OpenText’s Hiring Manager Experience

With 120,000 applicants and 800 unique hiring managers, the TA team at OpenText has their hands full. Discover how they went from an admin-heavy hiring process to a strategic TA partnership with Avature ATS, reducing their time to fill by 7 days!