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For healthcare organizations like Encompass Health, campus recruitment is crucial. As baby boomers age and the US population of elderly patients continues to swell, the supply of healthcare professionals is falling short of an ever-growing demand, making it difficult to find qualified nurses in an increasingly competitive talent market. Under these conditions, attracting and engaging talent is more important than ever, and requires a HR software solution that supports a comprehensive student recruitment strategy, from managing on-campus recruiting events and brand awareness to building qualified talent pools and tracking ROI.

On Jan. 1st 2018, HealthSouth Corporation and Encompass Home Health & Hospice officially united to become Encompass Health. As a national leader in post-acute care, Encompass Health offers facility-based and home-based patient care. Their national footprint spans 127 hospitals, and 235 home health and hospice agencies in 36 states and Puerto Rico. Just a couple of months after the merge, Encompass Health has already been recognized as one of Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For and of Modern Healthcare’s Best Places to Work.

Campus Recruiting Challenges

Competing on Campus with a New Message
After their official merge, Encompass Health launched on February 6th and needed to communicate their new brand and mission to students, while also differentiating themselves from the competition. As post-acute care is a unique specialty with little coverage by most nursing programs, the competition was already quite fierce. 

Managing Multiple Events, Multiple Locations, Multiple Processes
In any given year, Encompass Health attends over 50 recruiting events, from National Conferences to On Campus Events to Physician Residency Programs. Each event demands its own unique approach to attracting and engaging potential candidates. However, their small but mighty recruiting team is not always available, so they rely on different internal stakeholders to attend the events. Encompass Health needed to be able to call upon these local volunteers, core recruiting teams, or field colleagues quickly and provide them with all the necessary information (Location, Time, Objective, etc.) at the touch of a button. In addition, they needed their on-location staff to be able to quickly and easily capture candidate details.

Staying Cost Effective with Strong Talent Pipelines
Providing cost-effective healthcare begins with cost-effective recruiting. Encompass Health seeks to recruit their own talent rather than rely on expensive agencies. Building strong pipelines of talent is critical to protecting their hospitals from having to pay large fees to agencies for their candidates. 

“The supply for clinical skills is very short relative to demand. In order to maintain a strong pipeline of these qualified individuals, campus recruiting had to become a large part of our recruiting strategy."

Brooke Glennon, Associate Director, Recruitment Strategy

Tracking Event ROI and Understanding Their Impact
Prior to implementing Avature, Encompass Health had no way of tracking how successful each of their recruiting events were. This was compounded further by the different processes and management of the various events.


To better capitalize on their campus events, Encompass Health carefully reflected on their existing processes for both talent pooling and event management. The company sought ways to facilitate lead collection for recruiters and on-the-ground volunteers, while implementing workflows to streamline task management and follow-up communications. In addition, to learn where best to focus money and efforts in the future, Encompass Health looked for a tool that would allow them to measure and analyze their recruiting results.


Encompass Health leverages several features of the Avature platform to connect, engage, and recruit clinically-skilled students before they even graduate.

With the Avature Events Management solution, Encompass Health was able to revamp its existing processes and devise new ones for both event management and lead collection. Implementing a branded onsite portal, recruiters rapidly entered new leads into their system with the candidates’ most basic information (such as first name, last name, and email). Through a hidden link, recruiters also rated candidates on their interest in Encompass Health as an employer, which made it easy to prioritize highly motivated candidates for follow-up communications post-event. 

Leveraging Specific Event Workflows
Encompass Health can plan out different checklists for each individual event, so that every stakeholder has the exact information they need at each of the approximately 50 events they attend every year. These event workflows allow for the deployment of personalized follow-up email campaigns both following an event and periodically afterwards to keep leads warm.

“One of the things that makes Avature stand out to me is the flexibility and versatility that it provides. The messages we send out have an impact. And we want to make sure that we're producing the desired outcome. One of the things that I love about Avature's email templates is the built-in reporting - so you can make sure that you're constantly refining your process and providing good, solid content."

Brooke Glennon, Associate Director, Recruitment Strategy

Avature’s Landing Page Builder
Encompass Health has designed a unique, branded landing page for each of their Facebook ads, creating a better candidate experience for their audience while also tracking the number of people signing up per ad. A recruiter is notified every time someone requests more information via these ads, and can easily check in with the interested party to nurture that relationship for future talent pooling. 

Real Time Reports & Metrics
With Avature built-in reporting, Encompass Health has been able to gain greater insight into what is or isn’t working—from broader team performance to recruiter adoption of the Avature platform. Using the recruiter activity report, Encompass Health has a real-time summary of where new leads come from, how many interviews have been conducted (on a candidate or by a recruiter), and the total number of hires for each recruiter. This allows leadership to easily see when recruiters need help, or where best to concentrate recruitment marketing funds to boost engagement.

“Prior to implementing Avature, we didn’t have a way to track how successful our recruiting events were. Now, I can see where each of those leads end up in our recruiting pipeline. That has been vital in our recruitment efforts."

Brooke Glennon, Associate Director, Recruitment Strategy

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