Campus Recruiting

Connect and engage with students throughout their educational journey with Avature Campus Recruiting.

Why Avature Campus Recruiting

From events to hiring, manage all your campus recruiting activities within the same platform. Avature Campus Recruiting is customizable to fit your various programs and highly adaptable, allowing you to refine your strategy based on your program’s performance and recruiting results.

In the years that I’ve been in the university space, I’ve seen students demand change. I’ve seen evolution in terms of technology, like video interviewing, AI, text recruiting and more, and I think students expect companies to evolve. We are a technology company, so that needs to be obvious when we interact with them on campus, or else our employer brand messaging falls flat. Because of this, it's crucial for us to partner with a vendor that is responsive, that understands the future, and understands what college students, graduates, and candidates want across the spectrum.

Catie Anderson - Johnson Controls
Senior Manager, Global Talent Programs

Make the Most out of Campus Recruiting Events

Promote, manage and conduct your recruiting events with one comprehensive solution, whether your event is face-to-face or virtual. Register students in advance, provide feedback onsite with the Avature Mobile App, and nurture talent with automated communications to ensure a great candidate journey from their first interaction to their final interview.

Improve Event ROI Today

Virtual Events

Many of our clients have already been using the solution to carry out virtual events for campus recruitment to engage with a wider audience and capture candidates they wouldn’t have normally been able to connect with. This comes with the added benefit of lower costs, fewer logistical concerns and often higher turnout rates (as attendance is literally just one click away). Avature works in the same way for both in-person and virtual campus events allowing all pre-, during and post-event activity to remain consistent wherever your candidates may be.

Simplified Scheduling

Streamline the time-intensive interview scheduling process and improve the efficiency of your team. Leverage Avature’s self-scheduling capabilities that allow students to select the ideal interview time from the comfort of their own home on a fully customizable and mobile-optimized website.

Custom Application Management

Move candidates through the application processes for internships, graduate programs and traditional employment more quickly. The versatility of the Avature platform shortens the time to fill and improves candidate experience through smart automation and custom application processes for each of your programs.

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Compare Candidates Easily with Quick Screening

Start new employees on the right foot with a streamlined onboarding process, including paperless document signing, ready access to important first-day information and more.

Graduate Onboarding Made Easy

Engage new hires with a social hub that connects employees and fosters engagement. Avature DNA is a social community that allows employees to get a feel for the company culture, connect with colleagues, check out organizational or group activities and more.

Empower management staff to more easily make decisions about interns, define rotations and manage performance using Avature’s comprehensive feedback portal.

Say Goodbye to Guesswork Now

Easy Decision Making with Real-Time Feedback

Measure pipeline activity, email campaign analytics, cost-against-budget metrics, time to hire, applicant conversion analytics, program and event performance, and more with our built-in, real-time reports. All dashboards can be customized to give each user an at-a-glance overview of relevant information.

Avature Junction, our comprehensive toolbox for integrations, enables customers to create and manage their own technology ecosystem. Leverage one of our off-the-shelf and scalable integrations or bring your own preferred vendor. Choose the companies you want to work with to connect with Avature such as applicant tracking systems, job boards and aggregators, SMS providers and video interview systems.

Build Your Ideal Tech Stack