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Tactics for Recruiting Next-generation Talent on Campus

How can you put in place a successful campus recruiting program? We’ve collected best practices gained from supporting customers in this endeavor for over a decade. Read on for valuable insights!

Customer Stories

Recruitment ROI: Lessons from Epic’s Success

With a one-platform approach, Epic was able to deliver value at every stage of the talent journey. Find out how ROI had a huge part to play in their recruitment success.

Students watching at their mobile phones

Five Tips for Choosing the Ideal Campus Recruiting Technology

The importance of fit for purpose technology, sophisticated engagement workflows, and quick screening at campus recruitment.

Customer Stories

How CBIZ Somerset Built a Successful Campus Recruiting Strategy

Discover how the firm pairs a constant innovation mindset with Avature to meet the demands of Gen Z on campus and drive efficiency through data.

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Tech on Campus: Best Practices to Engage Gen Z Students

How can you effectively engage Gen Z students on campus and deliver the personalization and authenticity they expect? Tune in to our webinar to find out.


Digitizing Campus Recruiting with Avature

From eliminating manual tasks to alleviating a common frustration for candidates, discover how CBIZ Somerset transformed campus recruiting with Avature.


How Novo Nordisk Leveraged an Early Talent Program to Stand Out on Campus

In the crowded field of campus recruiting, Novo Nordisk discovered how to overcome challenges by appealing to early talent and nurturing relationships.


The Essentials of an Effective Campus Recruitment Strategy

From CMS features to mobile optimization and innovative screening, Avature powers a high-touch campus recruitment strategy that also helps recruiters make the most of their time.

Customer Stories

How Pfizer Captured Attention on Campus With a Solid EVP

Find out how this top pharmaceutical company engaged with candidates and improved its appeal as an employer among university students in China.


What Is On-Campus Recruiting?

As campus recruiting moves away from face-to-face events, find out how a successful strategy has always been more than just having a stall at a career fair and hoping for the best.


The Essential Guide to Campus Recruitment

With the strategic benefits of hiring graduates being increasingly recognized, campus recruiting has become an important avenue for attracting and hiring students for entry-level positions. Make the most of career fairs and campus recruiting events with our guide.

Customer Stories

Optimizing Campus Recruiting: How Viasat Captivates Tomorrow’s Talent

Ensuring a positive candidate experience at every stage of the sourcing and recruiting process is what makes the difference between attracting or missing out on top talent.