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How Epicor Leverages AI to Drive Value in Recruiting

Cutting through the noise, Epicor’s use of artificial intelligence in recruiting is defined by intentionality. Get inspired by the company’s AI philosophy and learn how Avature helps bring it to life.


Powering Diversity and Inclusion with the Right Technology

Diversity and inclusion efforts don’t start and end once the hiring process is over. A one platform approach can help build an inclusive workforce community, with a sense of belonging.


How To Create a DEI Strategy in Six Steps

Creating a DEI strategy to boost inclusive hiring and internal mobility can be a challenge. Whatever your stage in this process, here are 6 steps that'll help you design the action

How Lockheed Martin Revolutionized Their Veteran Recruitment

Delve into Lockheed Martin’s innovative and award-winning Handshake 2 Hire talent program that reaped extraordinary results.


Diversity and Inclusion

Avature helps organizations integrate equality and representation into their talent acquisition and talent management strategies.


4 Steps to Embed Diversity & Inclusion Into Your Organization

The benefits of a well-executed diversity & inclusion strategy are well-known, yet companies still struggle with implementation. Here's 4 steps for organizations to get started.


Why Events Are the Backbone of Any Diversity and Inclusion Strategy

Events are the best way to get front and center with talent and the ideal way to communicate your employer value proposition when it comes to D&I.

Dell’s Approach to Social Media Sourcing and ROI

Discover how Dalhia Rodriguez, Employer Brand and Social Media lead at Dell attracts and engages audiences on social media and tracks ROI.