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Download this e-book and learn:

  • How automation can enhance digital recruiting service delivery for financial organizations, improving hiring outcomes.
  • The role of configurable workflows in ensuring adaptability and compliance.
  • How to leverage portal apps to streamline processes and deliver personalized user experiences tailored to the financial sector’s unique needs.
  • The critical capabilities a modern career site should support to maximize conversion, including content management automation.
  • How AI can boost recruiting automation through predictions.
  • Key considerations to keep in mind when selecting a recruiting system vendor.

In today’s digital era, financial institutions face unprecedented competition from non-traditional players like technology companies in the battle for top talent. As a result, adopting a modern and streamlined approach to hiring has become more crucial than ever to maintain competitiveness.

In this e-book, we cover how to implement recruiting automation that goes beyond cost reduction and supports agility and innovation as well.

We also analyze how newer technology-enabled business models, such as the platform approach to digital service delivery, can support financial services organizations in driving a successful HR transformation.

Lastly, we show the areas where automation can have the most significant impact and provide best practices to incorporate emerging technologies alongside automation to gain a competitive advantage in finance recruiting.

“We are living in a rapidly changing environment in recruiting. The fight for talent intensifies, so it’s important to continue adapting and improving our strategy.”

Karli Azar
National Campus Recruiter at CBIZ Somerset

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