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How Pontoon Applies Tools for Engagement

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In the era of ever-changing tech trends, Pontoon is making HR smarter.

The workforce solutions firm’s analytics director, Annie Hammer, believes that “smart HR” requires solutions with staying power. In a recent interview with Profile Magazine, Hammer shared examples of how Pontoon works to give its clients the tools to recruit and retain the right talent for their brand.

“We’re not just looking for the next shiny and fun thing,” she said. “We’re analyzing business problems and finding the right new technologies that can address and solve those problems.”

Engage Employees through a Social Experience

In one case, a global company needed to fill positions under tight time constraints. To meet the deadline, it used various suppliers to hire temporary workers from different locations. Once hired, however, the employees struggled to adapt to the new culture – both on the job and outside of the office.

As a solution, Pontoon introduced the company to Avature DNA, our social network and employee management software. Avature DNA enables employees to post comments, add pictures, and follow company-wide topics. From project brainstorming to apartment rentals, employees have the ability to digitally share anything. The solution effectively connects employees to their peers, as well as to the company. Pontoon’s client, for example, used the tool to advertise permanent job positions.

Avature DNA is supporting organizations during a critical moment in HR, one in which many companies are attempting to connect with candidates and employees in more meaningful ways. Providing targeted information and enabling employee dialogue is a good way to start bringing company culture to life.

“Pontoon’s clients are realizing that technology and social media are uniting to form the new core of HR,” Hammer said. “Everything is becoming more connected, and businesses should take the opportunity to engage in new ways.”

Focus Sourcing Efforts to Find Talent

Moving from social engagement to talent acquisition, another of Pontoon’s clients implemented Avature technology in order to manage its recruitment processes. Using Avature CRM, the client was able to focus its sourcing efforts through automated tracking, targeted social media campaigns, and multichannel online registrations.

Within 90 days of its pilot program launch, the client saw noteworthy results, increasing new hires by 300 percent and reducing attrition by over 20 percent. As the client rolled out its new recruitment strategy across all US locations, it also reduced overtime and temporary labor expenditures by $2 million.

Mobilize All Stakeholders

From candidate management to the social experience, Hammer believes that the Avature tools allow clients to more effectively engage all HR stakeholders.

“We’re not a tech company. We’re not building these products,” she said. “It’s critical that we find innovative partners.”

With the right partner, strategic HR becomes what it should be: a human-centered function.

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