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Employee Engagement in 2024: Key Elements

With a “work-from-home” labor force that is here to stay, many organizations need to rethink their strategies to boost employee engagement.


The Future of Work: Employee Engagement and Wellbeing

When it comes to well-being, it’s more than just free yoga lessons. Read our blog and find out how employee engagement and wellbeing are closely related.


Three Steps to a Successful HR Digital Transformation Strategy

Get tips for implementing a successful HR digital transformation strategy from Avature’s CEO, Dimitri Boylan. <br />

Tackle the Great Resignation and Improve Employee Retention

Champion the Great Retention best practices and learn how to generate an employee experience transformation in your workplace.

The Three Steps to BMC’s Onboarding Success

With a competitive talent market, BMC realized they needed to change up their game plan to win over new hires. Find out how a personalized touch to onboarding made all the difference.


How Epic Ensures a Positive Onboarding Experience

Learn how Epic optimized onboarding with Avature to deliver a high-touch experience


Tips and Tricks for Engaging That Hard-to-Reach Talent

Every corporate job offer attracts no less than 250 resumes, but why do complications arise when it comes to forming working relationships with them?


How To Engage Millennials and Gen Z in The Workplace

Read this article and discover why we should worry less about Millenials and Gen-Z job hopping, and more about giving growth opportunities.


How Enterprise HR Software Can Improve Employee Engagement

Engaged employees increase business competitiveness, but past HR tools failed to accurately capture engagement. New social HR tech is delivering metrics to improve engagement.


Employee Engagement

Avature DNA is an integrated solution where employee engagement and experience meet to form the new core of strategic HR.


TalentRISE’s Rapid Increase in Candidate Engagement with Avature CRM

Learn how Avature Applicant Tracking System enabled talentRISE to engage and hire hundreds of candidates in a record time. “We set out on a mission to find a company that had a product that was CRM focused, that was all about the candidate, the relationship, the ability to have user configurability and flexibility in the […]