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Avature and Customers in the Press

The Time's of London Raconteur
February 28, 2019

Transforming to Thrive: A Case for Agile in Talent Acquisition

Avature's CEO, Dimitri Boylan, discusses how being Agile in recruitment is not possible without technology that empowers the teams to think, experiment and trial recruiting programs that will allow them to approach hiring in an innovative way.

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The Telegraph's Business Reporter
January 29, 2019

How an Empowered Workforce can Power Your Business

Avature's CEO Dimitri Boylan, discusses with the Business Reporter how in order to innovate and avoid disruption, companies need to adopt a social HR system that channels the power of people.

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Trend Report - Handelsblatt
December 28, 2018

Disruption Through Agile Recruitment

Dr. Jan Seevogel, SVP for Avature's DACH region discussed with Handelsblatt magazine about strategic human resources management and the power of key talent in times of skill shortages.

Only available in: German

HR Performance
December 8, 2018

Building an Agile HR Function

Agile methodology, popularized by software development, helps teams respond to unpredictability. For complex HR problems, this method for developing a solution can be a game changer, read more on how Siemens tackles the agile challenge.

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The Recruiting Future Podcast
December 7, 2018

Change Management & Adoption of HR Technology

Lauren Addy, Director of National Recruiting at Colonial Life, discusses how change management and user adoption are both critical to the success of any software implementation.

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The Times of London
November 5, 2018

Siemens’ Key Driver for an Agile Organization

Adaptive cultures, speed of innovation, collaboration, mastering unpredictability; these are the factors most critical to business success. But while others might only just be starting to respond to this, Siemens is meeting the challenge head on.

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HR Performance
November 1, 2018

Employee Centric: A Strategic HR Approach for the Future

There has never been a more critical time for organizations to focus on their workforce. Operating with an employee-centric mindset enables your organization to achieve three critical objectives.

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HR Executive Magazine
October 2, 2018

Building an Agile Workforce with Deloitte Australia

Deloitte Australia engages a growing group of contingent workers with processes tailored to the contractors' needs and lifestyle. They succeed, by implementing a platform designed to manage contingent workers, from candidate attraction to re-engagement.

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The Recruiting Future Podcast
September 14, 2018

Innovation in HR and Recruitment

Listen to Matt Alder from the Recruiting Future podcast as he interviews Anastacia Flores, Pandora's Director of Recruiting Pipeline Development. She discusses how the company keeps up with innovation and change.

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HR Performance
August 6, 2018

The Journey from Stakeholder to Strategic Partner

Involving Hiring Managers in the recruiting process provides new impulses for your talent acquisition strategies.

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Profile Magazine
August 1, 2018

Talent Without Borders with Siemens

Dr. Sebastian Hubert combines sound strategies, innovative technology, and analytics to recruit the best talent from all around the world.

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The Recruiting Future Podcast
June 15, 2018

Think Differently About Talent Acquisition

Listen to Mike Brown, VP of TA for The Americas at Siemens, as he discusses how they are implementing new ways of thinking which allows them to drive innovation, implement agile methodology and roll out a global ATS project in a very different way.

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Profile Magazine
May 15, 2018

Passion and Technology Combine at Encompass Health

Brooke Glennon, Associate Director of Recruitment Strategy at Encompass Health, shares how she keeps up with the growing demand for medical professionals

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Profile Magazine
March 15, 2018

Collaboration & Tech Innovation to Retain Top Talent

Kristina Palmer Shedd, VP of Talent Acquisition at SapientRazorfish shares their recruiting journey, and how by focusing on transparency, collaboration and innovate technology, they are able to retain top talent and drive the company further into the future.

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The Times of London HR Report
January 30, 2018

Connecting an Engaged Workforce at Pontoon

Employee engagement is a top priority for many organizations, and is recognized as a key to attracting and retaining top talent. Hear from Terri Lewis, SVP global human resources at Pontoon on how they are engaging 1700 employees in 40 different countries.

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Profile Magazine
December 15, 2017

HR Technology to get Ahead of Business Demand

Using his vast experiences at industry-leading organizations, Scotty Morrison shares his unique perspective to Autodesk and how Avature’s CRM platform has made all the difference in helping the company evolve.

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HR Performance
December 1, 2017

Stakeholder Engagement: Rethinking TA Technology

Jan Seevogal, SVP Dach at Avature discusses hiring manager engagement, critical HR tech factors & how to leverage current employees all in order to deliver a robust and highly effective recruiting process.

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The Times of London HR Report
November 30, 2017

The Experience of Candidates Beyond the Application

Being able to engage talent throughout the entire recruitment journey is becoming increasingly important. This is where you need great processes and technology. Discover how Accenture is engaging candidates, boosting recruitment and securing top talent with Avature.

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