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Avature and Customers in the Press

Harvard Business Manager
September 2, 2019

Five Powerful Tactics to Lead the Field with Game-Changing HR

In an ever-changing business environment, the companies that empower their HR leaders to leverage new technologies to model, test, and transform strategic HR will win.

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Trend Report - Handelsblatt
June 28, 2019

Innovation In Recruiting Through AI

Dr. Jan Seevogel, SVP for Avature's DACH region discussed with Trend Report about the influence of new technologies in HR.

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The Time's of London Raconteur
February 28, 2019

Transforming to Thrive: A Case for Agile in Talent Acquisition

Avature's CEO, Dimitri Boylan, discusses how being Agile in recruitment is not possible without technology that empowers the teams to think, experiment and trial recruiting programs that will allow them to approach hiring in an innovative way.

The Telegraph's Business Reporter
January 29, 2019

How an Empowered Workforce can Power Your Business

Avature's CEO Dimitri Boylan, discusses with the Business Reporter how in order to innovate and avoid disruption, companies need to adopt a social HR system that channels the power of people.

Trend Report - Handelsblatt
December 28, 2018

Disruption Through Agile Recruitment

Dr. Jan Seevogel, SVP for Avature's DACH region discussed with Handelsblatt magazine about strategic human resources management and the power of key talent in times of skill shortages.

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HR Performance
December 8, 2018

Building an Agile HR Function

Agile methodology, popularized by software development, helps teams respond to unpredictability. For complex HR problems, this method for developing a solution can be a game changer, read more on how Siemens tackles the agile challenge.

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The Recruiting Future Podcast
December 7, 2018

Change Management & Adoption of HR Technology

Lauren Addy, Director of National Recruiting at Colonial Life, discusses how change management and user adoption are both critical to the success of any software implementation.

The Times of London
November 5, 2018

Siemens’ Key Driver for an Agile Organization

Adaptive cultures, speed of innovation, collaboration, mastering unpredictability; these are the factors most critical to business success. But while others might only just be starting to respond to this, Siemens is meeting the challenge head on.