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The Perfect Combo: High-Volume Hiring and Avature

See how GPS Hospitality leverages Avature to deliver astounding results for its high-volume hiring strategy.


Healthcare Recruiting and the Impact of COVID-19

From sourcing to employer brand, healthcare recruiting is undergoing significant changes in the face of 2020’s enduring pandemic.

Healthcare Recruitment and Talent Solutions

Avature’s solutions for recruiting, learning and performance management ensure that your team has what it takes to deliver healthcare to your communities.


How Healthcare Can Survive the Next Five Years of Talent Shortage

With more technology options than ever, healthcare organizations are looking to decode which tools and practices will help them find, attract, and retain top talent.


4 Steps to Highly Effective Hospitality Recruitment

High turnover and shifts are key pain points in hospitality recruiting, but you can overcome these challenges and their impact on your business.

Engaging Talent On Campus with Encompass Health

For healthcare organizations like Encompass Health, campus recruitment is crucial. Engaging talent, requires a HR software solution that supports a comprehensive student recruitment strategy.