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Transforming the Talent Experience for Employees and Clients

Learn more about the instrumental role Avature plays as Kelly delivers superior talent experiences for its employees and clients.


How to Foster Effective Performance Management Remotely

Employee appraisals in our “new normal” is a complicated endeavor. In this post we dive into the best practices our clients are implementing as they manage performance from afar.


Avoiding the Performance Management Technology Trap

We dive deep into our approach to performance management as a solution provider, and why flexibility is important.


Performance Management in The UK: Challenges and Best Practices

There is a big debate in the UK around how to improve performance management techniques. Learn how to take a step towards its future best practices.

From Excel to Agile: Performance Management at Siegfried

A leading pharmaceutical outsourcer, Siegfried Holding AG recently revamped its excel-driven approach to performance management with the help of Avature.

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A Complete Transformation of Performance Management

Listen to Francesca Di Mattia, Corporate Senior HRIS Analyst, and discover how USI Insurance Services tailored their performance management strategy through Avature to match their talent needs.

Unified and Agile: Generac’s Approach to Performance Management

A leading American manufacturer, Generac Holdings Inc. recently revamped its approach to workforce engagement and performance management with the help of Avature.

How Pontoon Harnessed the Power of Agile Performance Management

Learn how Pontoon brought their performance management vision to life by partnering with Avature

How USI Enhances Its Performance Management Process Through Adaptability

Find out more about how USI worked with Avature to implement a new performance strategy, phase by phase.

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Harnessing the Power of Agile Performance Management

Listen back to Pontoon's HR experts, Jenna Dobbins and Jessica Clifton to discover how Pontoon reimagined its approach to employee appraisals with Avature.

Discover Current Trends in Performance Management

The way we manage talent is rapidly evolving. Learn about the performance management trends taking hold today with our new e-book.


Performance Management in Agile Organizations

Agile organizations are known to think outside the box. This is especially true when it comes to performance management, but what exactly are agile organizations doing differently?