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Harnessing the Power of Agile Performance Management

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As the way we work continues to evolve, so too do the tools and processes we use to support and administer performance management activities. Today, performance management is driven by agility.

Just ask long-time Avature customer, Pontoon.

A global HR outsourcing organization, Pontoon was operating with an international labor force extending to 35 countries and numbering in the thousands at the time of our initial collaboration. And yet, with a disjointed and paper-based approach to employee appraisals, there was no effective mechanism to track, engage and evaluate employees on a global scale. 

With Avature’s help, Pontoon was able to build and deploy an innovative and agile core platform capable of unifying global performance management activities with improved data collection, optimized cross-team communication and the elimination of time-consuming administrative tasks.

Join us for our upcoming webinar as Pontoon’s Jenna Dobbins, Global Head of Human Resources, and Jessica Clifton, Global Director of People Operations, share how Avature Performance Management can help you:

  • Better engage your employees with frequent check-ins and real-time feedback
  • Implement agile goal setting
  • Provide your workforce with an appraisal experience that drives career growth

They’ll also provide some top tips on how to improve performance management at your organization so you can position your talent to thrive.


Jenna Dobbins
Global Head of Human Resources

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Jessica Clifton
Global Director of People Operations

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