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A Complete Transformation of Performance Management

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When it comes to performance management, agility and adaptability are key.  And the talent management team at USI Insurance Services was completely aware of this right from the beginning of their evolution plan. As they looked for a way to digitize their performance review processes, they had to find a solution to adapt with their journey and chose Avature.

USI needed an internal transformation that could pull together employee and manager feedback in a clear and concise way.  USI also needed to have a customizable tool to address new requirements to support their business.

Together, USI and Avature tackled the project by dividing the implementation into different phases. With each phase of the project, USI would solicit feedback from HR, Managers, and employees to make hear their suggestions and address how to add the improvements. After internal reviews within USI and then with Avature, approved new requirements were included in the next phase of the project.

During this webinar, our speaker will go through how they used Avature to transform their performance management process. Moreover, she will explain in detail how they customized the solution to fit their needs to:

  • Automate a manual process – from spreadsheets to digitization.
  • Increase flexibility and add transparency in their processes.
  • Foster the HR partnership through user-friendly internal training.
  • Reduce time by managing priorities and goal setting, even during the pandemic.
  • Develop a continuous performance management process, adopting check-ins as a newly added feature.


Francesca Di Mattia
Corporate Senior HRIS Analyst

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