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Avature Releases Recruiting CRM™ version 2.0 with Rules Engine and Optimization for Google’s Chrome Browser

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New York; November 10th, 2008 – Avature, a provider of innovative Enterprise 2.0 Human Capital Management solutions, announced that it has released version 2.0 of its flagship product, Recruiting CRM™. Recently named one of Human Resource Executive™ magazine’s Top 10 HR Products of the Year for 2008, the new version includes a Rules Engine for enhanced business automation and optimization for Google’s Chrome browser.

The Rules Engine allows users of the system to build rules to manage lists, e-mail communications, and to automate other tasks in the system based on user preferences. Users can modify the rules frequently and without the assistance of technical professionals, making the application more adaptable to their changing needs.

“With this release we have laid the foundation for expanding the functional scope of our application beyond traditional CRM boundaries,” commented Avature CEO Dimitri Boylan. “Rules allow users can take advantage of the flexibility of our system to process a greater variety of recruiting tasks, such as candidate on-boarding.”

One example of a practical use of the Rules Engine is the building up and tearing down of lists. Lists provide a spreadsheet like view of data records in the system and are ideal for users who need to execute a limited number of actions on a large number of records in a serial fashion. In highly collaborative environments, static spreadsheets quickly obsolesce since the data is in a constant state of change. Generated by the Rules Engine, lists become dynamic, growing or shrinking based on a set of rules and a series of system events.

Recruiting CRM v2.0 is also optimized to run on Google’s Chrome browser, increasing the processing of complex JavaScript by 300%. Additional features added in the v2.0 release include an advanced search string library for simultaneous execution of Open Web and Social Site searches, an improved user interface, and higher performance on Internet Explorer v7 and Firefox.

Delivered as a software-as-a-service (SaaS), Recruiting CRM can be purchased as a monthly subscription.

About Avature
Avature was founded in 2004 by Dimitri Boylan, the former co-founder and CEO of Avature is a global recruiting services company that provides research and sourcing services and human capital management software. Headquartered in New York City, Avature has offices in the US, Europe and Latin America. Information on Avature can be found at

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