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When responding to an open job req, how many recruiters have ever said to a hiring leader: “Let me develop a sourcing strategy” or “Let’s see what comes in after we post it”? How about changing that with this response: “Here’s what we have in our portfolio of talent” and/or “Here’s who I’ve been connecting with in the industry.”

Adding value as a recruiter is no new concept, and neither is a great recruiting CRM. Both have been around for years. Many think of and consider CRMs a sourcer’s tool. For recruiters that find themselves wasting time on managing prospects on spreadsheets, network drives, Outlook folders, or in an ATS… Think Avature.

Avature CRM is a Web 2.0 CRM system. It’s adaptable – and it’s a powerful recruiting tool. I recently caught up with Michael Johnson from Avature to learn more about what they are focusing on, and the impacts on recruiting organizations that are using the service.

One of the key differentiators that stood out immediately compared to other CRMs on the market is that Avature built their own (very robust) talent sourcing tools into the system, and there is a strong focus on process integration, user experience, and collaboration.

The ability to easily see everything that has happened with a prospective candidate in the system – job history, notes, tags, emails sent and received, text messages sent and received – is all included in one record for any recruiter to see and add to based on their communications with the person.

And speaking of communications, Avature has integrated email, SMS, and VoIP for those that want it so users can leverage a single communications platform. That’s great for record history but also helps recruiters stay in the zone of high productivity.

Are clients having success? Absolutely, it’s become part of their value prop. A global RPO provider now fills 80% of the job req’s that are sent to the sourcing team by leveraging the CRM capabilities, resulting in significant savings. Another client, a large healthcare provider, has embedded registration forms on their website to capture nursing leads. The result: 70% of their nursing leads in their CRM come from this short “interest form”. They have taken advantage of the CRM capabilities and are creating a true talent and networking community.

What does the future hold? Over the coming months, Avature plans on expanding the functionality for email marketing, expansion of their portals functionality – specifically employee referrals. They are also working through several key integrations with ATS, HRIS, job distribution, and some other complimentary software providers.

If you are interested in experiencing or exploring Avature, you can contact Michael Johnson or go to  You can also follow Avature on twitter.