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Image showing that a candidate profile has been parsed to automatically complete their basic information and skills details.

Resume Parser

Our state-of-the-art resume parser kick-started our AI journey back in 2013 and is a powerful tool that saves recruiting teams valuable time when creating or updating Avature records. 

The parser leverages deep neural networks to automatically extract relevant information from candidates’ or employees’ CVs or profile pages and populate it in Avature. It supports over 30 languages and powers a wide array of capabilities across our platform, including WebSources and the Import Extension. 

Image of the Advanced Search interface showing how semantic suggestions are provided to expand the search string.

Semantic Search

While Boolean search is powerful, it requires a degree of expertise that not all users have. On top of that, Google-like searches are the new standard, and providing a similar experience can help meet your teams’ expectations while streamlining their day-to-day activities. 

Driven by deep learning models, our semantic engine understands user intent and intelligently expands search queries based on relevant industry-specific terminology. Granting complete control, users can add or remove suggestions with just one click. Thanks to our cross-platform AI, semantic suggestions are available in two key features: Advanced Search and WebSources.

Semantic Matching

Semantics is one of the cornerstones of our work on AI and a significant area of focus for the NLP team’s research initiatives. Our growing set of features powered by semantic matching is designed to enhance the user experience of candidates, employees and HR professionals alike:

  • Job recommendations on internal and external career sites and chatbots deliver a consumer-grade experience that drives conversion.
  • Candidate recommendations present a list of qualified candidates based on pre-defined criteria to help recruiters save search time and make the most of the existing database. 
  • Job recommendations in person records present a list of suitable jobs for that candidate. 
  • Similar People resurfaces other candidates with similar skills and work experience, speeding up the discovery of qualified leads.
  • Similar Jobs helps users find jobs similar to the ones they are currently working on and leverage historical data to make more informed decisions. 
Image showing the skills suggestions and skills proficiency functionalities.

Skills Framework

Given today’s rapid pace of innovation, many organizations are transitioning to skills-based strategies that allow them to understand their workforce’s actual competencies and unlock the agility to reallocate talent and identify up-skilling opportunities as their needs evolve. This explains why having visibility of the skills and the gaps that exist within the workforce has become a top priority for most HR leaders. 

To support our customers in this fundamental shift, we built our own skills ontology, which we constantly expand based on their feedback. Moreover, intelligent skills semantics are considered as a criterion by all our matching features. As we continue enhancing our skills capabilities, these are features that we will release soon:

  • Skills suggestions, where our AI will analyze the skill profiles of candidates and employees and recommend related skills automatically. Similarly, it will suggest skills to HR professionals when working with person or job records.
  • Skills proficiency, for candidates and employees to rate their proficiency in all their skills and ultimately drive even more accurate recommendations.
Image of the Avature chatbot answering a question and providing jobs related to Marketing, as requesting by a candidate.

Avature Chatbot

Avature Chabot redefines how talent interacts with your organization on external and internal career sites. Built on an advanced conversational model and powered by semantics, the chatbot drives conversion and engagement through two specific use cases.

The chatbot handles Frequently Asked Questions, understanding user intent and providing pre-defined, human-like responses to your candidates’ questions. It also transforms the job search experience by offering candidates links to matching job listings when they search for a particular job title. On top of that, Avature Chatbot is fully customizable so it can truly reflect your brand’s identity.

Combined image showing Avature's two Generative AI features: an intelligent database and a job writing assistant.

Generative AI

While it is essential to seize the opportunity presented by Generative AI, we still need to understand its potential and risks in the context of HR in depth. Because of this, and in line with our approach to AI development, we are leveraging Generative AI to tackle initiatives with high impact but low risk. Meet the Generative AI features that we will release later this year: 

  • An intelligent knowledge base, a knowledge management system trained on document collections specific to each customer’s organization. With it, the system can generate accurate and fluent answers to questions posed by users.
  • A job description writing assistant that will leverage Generative AI to help fine-tune job descriptions, as well as improve their effectiveness and inclusiveness.

Avature has an algorithm with about 28 factors that customers like us could use and tweak to create recommendations that are absolutely relevant to our talent. Having 28 factors to choose from helps you really fine-tune an algorithm rather than have it like a black-box solution that you don’t fully understand how it works."

Pranav Chadha
Senior Technical Product Manager, Deutsche Telekom