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What Sets Us Apart

Our solutions

Our Solutions

are designed to help identify, attract, hire, develop and retain talented people in highly competitive industries and global markets. Based on our 15 years of experience, these pre-configured solutions address critical pain points, ensure compliance and streamline talent-centric processes.

Our Services

guide our customers as they translate their HR vision into an operating model and working system that can be used to generate strategic impact. Learn how our Total Talent Framework, experience design and implementation services have helped our customers to achieve breakout performance.

Our Platform

allows companies to cast away multiple legacy systems and quickly deploy innovative solutions that support built-in digital agility and leading-edge HR practices using a single system of record. Discover the benefits of a one-platform approach.

Advanced Automation for Forward-Thinking Companies

Enterprise Recruiting Suite

Avature brings together award-winning solutions for a single source of truth and maximum impact. Designed to provide a progressive and cohesive candidate experience, empower managers, and accelerate hiring while lowering operating costs, this suite of solutions is ideal for companies committed to hiring the best people possible.

Higher Education Recruiting

Manage faculty and staff hiring on a single platform designed to meet your unique institutional needs.

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Internal Mobility

Build a thriving talent marketplace where employees can own their career growth while managers fill business-critical internal opportunities.

Avature AI

Avature AI brings 15 years of software development together with six years of text processing and machine learning research to power state-of-the-art automation.

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HR Case Management Solution

Designed in collaboration with leading HR practitioners, the Avature Case Management solution helps you resolve workforce issues through engagement and cooperation.

The Avature Platform showing a case management dashboard with various metrics such as cases by category and by department.
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Social learning

Boomers are retiring. How will you transfer their knowledge to a younger workforce? The next generation learns differently. How are you planning on teaching them?

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Events & Webinars


Maximize the ROI of Your Recruiting CRM

Calendar icon Feb 27, 2024
GPS icon Online

Eighty-seven percent of HR professionals reported few or no qualified applicants for the positions they were trying to fill. Join us on February 27, when Jim Schnyder will share his secret sauce, offering insight into how you can get the most out of your recruiting CRM to buck this trend.

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Beyond the Hype: How Epicor is Leveraging Avature AI for Recruiting Success

Calendar icon Mar 12, 2024
GPS icon Online

Join us in this informative webinar to discuss AI best practices and learn about the leading-edge advancements that are helping our customers achieve breakout HR performance through the lens of Epicor.

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#AvatureUpfront APAC 2024

Calendar icon March 21, 2024
GPS icon Four Seasons Hotel, Sydney

We’re excited to return to Sydney for #AvatureUpfront APAC 2024. Don’t miss this in-depth forum where members of the Avature community will share invaluable insights on how to transform the way the HR organization works.

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