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Unlock Institutional Knowledge with Avature Learning Webinar

Watch this webinar to see Avature Learning in action and discover how you can deliver a social learning experience that drives organizational agility and long-term retention.

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Traditional Learning Management Systems fail to tap into institutional knowledge. On top of that, work-from-home policies have hindered on-the-job knowledge sharing, presenting a hidden operating risk for HR. Sound familiar? If your organization is trying to adopt a new approach to corporate learning, this webinar is for you.

Join Corinna Birnzain, Positioning Specialist, and Vincenzo Fiocco, Sales Enablement Specialist, as they walk you through how to activate a successful social learning program and how Avature can help. Together, they’ll go over:

  • The powerful role that user-generated content can play in improving internal knowledge transfer.
  • How to keep HR teams in the driver’s seat of content creation through the help of workflows to approve content, schedule publications and manage editing and viewing permissions.
  • The long-term value in providing a consumer-grade and on-demand learning experience.
  • The benefits of seamlessly integrating Avature Learning with your talent management programs, expanding the reach of your learning initiatives to the entire talent lifecycle.

You’ll also get a sneak peek into what’s next for our Avature Learning roadmap – no spoilers yet!

After watching this webinar, you’ll leave with an understanding of how to future-proof your workforce with the help of an innovative social learning solution that puts knowledge transfer at its core. Don’t miss it!

“I’ve always believed that 70 to 80 percent of the knowledge and intellectual property within a company is custom to that company’s business. Every business process, proprietary tool, and internal procedure represents a custom, internal training need. Platforms like Avature Learning can tap into this.”

Josh Bersin
Industry Analyst

This webinar will recap what you saw if you attended our Avature Learning session at #AvatureUpfront 2023.


Corinna Birnzain
Positioning Specialist

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Vincenzo Fiocco
Sales Enablement Specialist

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