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The Three “E’s” of Epic’s Communication Strategy: Efficient, Engaging and, well, Epic!

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When it comes to new hires, companies are always trying different strategies to boost connection and engagement. For Epic, innovation has always been key in everything they do, and onboarding their new employees was no different. 

Re-Watch our webinar with Jeff Sonntag, Recruiter and Recruiting Systems Administrator, as he lets you in on how their onboarding experience stood out from the rest. You’ll leave the webinar with ideas to optimize your own strategy, including:

  • How to facilitate new hire engagement through a complete onboarding portal experience.
  • Tricks to save valuable time through automation of processes.
  • Ways in which you can centralize information for new hires.
  • How to develop a professional networking tool that requires minimal moderation and maintenance.
  • Tips to give the onboarding process an agile and personal touch.
  • How to set up a seamless workflow throughout the process.

And more!

You can’t miss this webinar! You’re sure to gather amazing insights for your future onboarding planning.


Maria Szychlinski

Recruiter and Recruiting Systems Project Manager

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Jeff Sonntag

Recruiter and Recruiting Systems Administrator

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