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Key HR Trends for 2022: The Year of Rebuilding & The Future of Care

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The past year left us with a legacy of rethinking processes and on-the-fly changes. Now, better positioned, we can move into action with strategies suited to the new paradigm, with agility as the driving force. In this webinar, we looked at the HR trends that will play a major role in 2022.

Last year was a time of great shake-ups across the industry. While competition and the difficult task of engaging talent are not unprecedented challenges, they took on a distinctive value during 2021. 

One of the major hurdles to overcome was retaining workforce in the context of “The Great Resignation”; we witnessed how mass departures became commonplace across different organizations. All of this prompts us to take a deep breath and rethink our recruitment and engagement strategies. In short, 2021 was the year of rethinking. 

And now, having mulled over strategies to improve outdated and inefficient processes and make the most of available resources, what do we envision for the new year? In this webinar with Madeline Laurano, founder of Aptitude Research, we delved into the top HR trends for 2022, where the spotlight will be on rebuilding and bringing to life the vision we have developed over the past months.

Listen back to this webinar to learn about the new HR trends for 2022, including:

  • The importance of skills, AI, and automation to grow, upskill, and develop a workforce that meets your organization’s strategic vision.
  • How to leverage a hybrid workforce model to make your employees feel safe working from anywhere and count with the necessary tools for efficient performance.
  • The importance of communication and agility as key cornerstones for the success of any organization. 
  • How to maintain the intentionality and empathy we learned in the pandemic and bring them into this new paradigm of the “future of care.” 
  • The differentiators to consider when looking for the right technology partner to make the vision of the “future of care” a reality.
  • How to ensure a bias-free recruitment process with an approach that fosters diversity and inclusion, where your candidates and hiring teams feel seen and respected. 


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