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Is Your Strategic AI Glass Half Full or Half Empty?

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Organizations across the world are eagerly anticipating the results that AI promises to deliver in many fields of their business. But when it comes to human resources, there is great debate around the ethics of AI, with its possible lack of transparency, cutting out the human touch and bias.

Together with a growing emphasis on an employee-centric workforce model that highlights wellness and DEI as crucial goals, it may seem like AI has no part in the conversation. But we believe it does. With the proper strategic approach, AI can support your talent goals in a scalable way and let you take advantage of all the good it has to offer.

This is why we want to take you on a journey. Travelling back through the past decade, we’ll showcase how collaboration with our customers has led to the continuous innovation and development of our technology, constantly evolving to best serve their talent needs and go beyond the confines of regular talent initiatives. Together, we create talent stories.

Join Vincenzo Fiocco, Product Marketing Specialist, and James Harrison, VP Sales EMEA, as they show you the ins and outs of Avatures’s approach to strategic hiring through the AI lens. Together, we’ll explore:

  • The tough questions you should be considering when choosing to work with AI and how to effectively select a partner
  • What AI means to us, including:
    •  Our white-box approach, based on the concept of a decision-support system where the user is always informed on what and why the system makes certain suggestions. 
    • Our proactive approach to bias for fair, ethical hiring of the workforce of the future.
    • Our cross-platform implementation for a smart, seamless experience across any and all solutions for all your stakeholders. 
  • How we’ve been able to tackle our customers’ challenges, sharing some inspiring success stories.

So why not watch this webinar? As well as brushing up on what can sometimes be a complex topic, you’ll leave feeling confident in your knowledge of how Avature AI works and the benefits it can deliver for your organization.


Vincenzo Fiocco
Product Marketing Specialist

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James Harrison

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