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Crafting an Epic Hiring Strategy: The ROI of Avature

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Though accurately calculating the ROI of effective recruiting can be challenging, there are some inspiring success stories or organizations that are reaching their talent goals and showing tangible business impact.

Which is why HR leaders could benefit from hearing how Epic generates the figures to show the success of its talent initiatives and the technology powering them. In the words of the healthcare software organization: “each Avature solution we’ve implemented has reaped time, money and happiness benefits.”

To break down Epic’s ROI with Avature and how they continuously find innovative ways to leverage the platform’s functionalities, watch this webinar led by Epic’s Maria Szychlinski, Recruiting and Onboarding Lead and Jeff Sonntag, Avature Team Lead; with Avature’s Misha Chakrabarti, Product Marketing Specialist.

Whether you have experience measuring your recruiting impact or are looking to get a measurement program off the ground, Maria and Jeff will share actionable items to help maximize your ROI at every step of the talent lifecycle. They’ll be covering:

  • Process mining: before you build workflows, take the time to assess if it’s really the best way to work.
  • Moving away from manual processes. How to identify opportunities for technology to take on the burden of previously time-consuming tasks.
  • Leveraging feedback as a tool to drive continuous improvement.
  • Using reporting capabilities as a hub to get the clear, real-time data you need to make informed decisions.
  • How to develop an innovative mindset to continue driving business value. Maria continuously asks herself, “can I build this in Avature?”


Maria Szychlinski
Recruiting and Onboarding Lead

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Jeff Sontagg
Avature Team Lead

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Misha Chakrabarti
Product Marketing Specialist

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