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5 Lessons for Transforming Your Internal Mobility Journey With Fosway and Avature

Over the last few years, organizations have been pressure tested. Many industries have faced considerable disruption, seen fundamental changes to working life and are now grappling with the Great Resignation.

This costly turnover of workers has spurred HR teams to sharpen their focus on engaging and retaining their best employees, with internal mobility emerging as one of the critical tools for achieving this.

Watch our exclusive webinar with David Perring, Director of Research at Fosway, and Elena Gómez, Product Marketing Specialist at Avature, where you can learn about how internal mobility is redefining the employee experience through thriving talent marketplaces, career pathing and AI skills matching.

Among other topics, during the webinar you will gain insight into:

– the context that has led to its rise in popularity
– the role of AI in an effective mobility strategy
how skills are shaping the employee experience

The conversation will leave you with insights into how tailoring the right technology to your company’s internal mobility needs can help you to deliver a first-class employee experience.


David Perring

Director of Research

Elena Gómez

Product Marketing Specialist