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We were really excited to show and release the new relationship mapping function in Avature at the user conference March 10th in Sausalito, CA. Now recruiters can relate candidate profiles to other profiles with a customizable list of relationship types – e.g. subordinate of, boss of, friends with, colleague of, client of, vendor of, etc. The relationships can be set as “current” or “past”. The system is smart enough to suggest if a relationship is old when something else happens in the system, like the candidates current employer changes making it likely that their boss is no longer their boss. It will ask if you want to set it to a “past relationship”. However, perhaps the most exciting element of the new functionality was the org chart mapping. I got at least three “Wow” “Cool” like text messages from attendees when this went up on the screen. The org chart mapping works with the “boss of”, “colleague of”, and “subordinate of” relationship types. Assuming these all happen within the same company you can one-click on that company name anywhere it exists in the system to get a dynamic org chart. You can also org chart multiple groups within the same company where there may not be a connector of the two groups of people. Coming soon will be social graphs for informal relationships like friends, former colleagues, etc.

As always, contact if you’re interested in seeing a live demo.