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Following is the presentation transcript by Justin Clem, TA Manager Raytheon. Want to download the complete presentation? Find it here.

The Building of Raytheon’s Talent Community

  1. Where we were in 2010; Post and Pray For the most part we had a working ATS that utilized smart post to cascade our openings to the online job boards (Monster, clearance, dice, etc.). While this will continue to be a valuable part of strategy it is not the only part. Career fairs and Networking – Each career fair we attended was under the guidance of finding one maybe two people that were a fit for current openings. The event would be defined as a success even though we did not capture the other 2,498 people that may have come to our booth.
  2. The Purple Squirrel Analogy So what is a purple squirrel? It seems that everyone has a different definition. I would define a purple squirrel as a candidate with a capability/competency/skill set so niche that there are 100 or less people in your specific search area that can do the job.
  3. So why Avature? Avature is the only Enterprise CRM built for recruiting. Their highly flexible CRM lets us customize our instance specifically for us to help drive sourcing strategies and upgrade the candidate experience. Their dashboards and interactive portals generate better talent pools and higher quality pipelines for every assignment
  4. What is tagging? Tagging could be the single best functionality of Avature. It allows you “tag” profiles that you import into your CRM. You can add as many tags as you think would be relevant. The CRM allows you to search and report on them later.
  5. Leveraging Events In 2010 We would go to an event and come back with 1 or 2 good resumes and that event would be considered a success. Today when we go to an event we create a specific flyer with a specific QR code and link. That QR code and link will import everyone who stops by our booth into the CRM and allow us to tag them with the specific event name so we can better track the event’s ROI.
  6. Landing Pages Industry research shows that you lose 50% of your applicants each time they make a click. The average ATS takes 5-8 clicks to apply online. With a customized landing page all applicants can join your talent community with one click. You can also customize the fields specifically for your organization.
  7. Mobile Messaging On the previous slide you may have noticed that we asked the applicant for their cell phone provider (not required). By having their cell phone number this allows us to send them a 140 character message as we have the email nomenclature to all the cell phone providers.
  8. Resume Spider The efficiencies gained in utilizing Avature’s web resources truly are incredible. Imagine if you could enter in search criteria into a web interface that searched all of your resources at once (Ladders, Monster, Dice, etc.)
  9. Email Campaigns What would a CRM be with out a communication strategy? Avature utilizes drop box technology which allows you to create and update profiles just by sending an email to the drop box. Additionally, when you send out mass communications to targeted segments of your talent community, Avature actually allows you to track the results of the email campaign including which links were clicked.
  10. Targeted “Sniper” Searches Avature allows you to scour the open web for profiles and/or resumes through their web resources. The best thing about this functionality is the search pages are cached and the search criteria and results will be archived for the OFCCP.
  11. X-Ray So what is x-ray exactly? X-Raying web sites allow you to gain access to public information without going through the intended flow of the website. A good example of this is if you Xray LinkedIn, you will gain access to more profiles than ones you are connected to through your personal LinkedIn account.
  12. Using Promoted Tweets Raytheon has entered into an agreement with Twitter and their promotional tweets. This allows us to bid on certain hashtags or trending topics to promote our tweet at the top of the list.
  13. Alpha Force Although we have set up a specific sourcing function, we philosophically believe the recruiter should still have a high sourcing capability. Alpha force is a group of rotating recruiters that work on a live difficult search and are mentored by the sourcing team. Each recruiter is tested at the end of the quarter to ensure they comprehend the sourcing training they received.
  14. Rules of Engagement To ensure our sourcers are deployed on the right searches we implemented “rules of engagement”. These rules define which functions and position levels are critical enough to qualify for additional sourcing support. Additionally these rules outline an approval flow for sourcing support.
  15. Building a talent community with a sourcing function is a valuable and necessary strategy within any talent acquisition department. At Raytheon we are still refining our sourcing practices as we have not arrived yet, but we strongly believe it takes all of these components to succeed. Please send all of your questions to @Justin_Clem.