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New Social and Mobile Portals Release

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It’s been a very busy Fall season at Avature with lots of new customers and plenty of development and product releases going on (as always, a new release every two weeks). A couple of features that came out quietly (if you haven’t noticed yet we tend to fly a little under the radar) are the Social and Mobile Portals.

Social Portal – The Living Database

Any portal, whether you’re using portals as a careers site, microsites, or landing pages, now allows candidates to register using their social profile from LinkedIn, Facebook, or Google+. And we’re planning to add Xing and Viadeo shortly. The candidate selects which social profile they want to use by selecting that sites favicon (the little icons for Facebook, LinkedIn, and G+ shown above). That prompts the candidate to authenticate with their username and password for the social site and grant permission to access certain elements of their profile – contact information, updates, etc. Once completed, the candidate then completes any other information you want to capture from them in the form (e.g. years of experience, areas of interest, locations of interest, resume upload, etc.). They click submit and they are now in your Avature database. The beauty of this however is that now you can view their social profile inside the Avature system on their record – and you’re always viewing their most recent information. Additionally, if the candidate updates any of their information on their social profile on LinkedIn, Facebook, or G+ we record that in the Journal on their record.

Mobile Portals

Mobile is probably the hottest topic in recruiting today (along with social). The world of talent acquisition, and rightly so, is scrambling to make their web content – i.e. careers sites – mobile friendly. No need to list the reasons why here as there are plenty of data to back that up – it’s simply where more and more of the world is doing their browsing. With Avature, any portal you have can be made in a mobile friendly version – your careers site, microsites, or landing pages. And by any portal, we mean any portal.
If you’re interested in hearing more about these two portal options – for any of your existing Avature portals or if you’re new to Avature – please email

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