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On June 21, 2011, Jobs2web and Avature announced their joint partnership and integration to allow interoperability between their Jobs2web’s Recruitment Marketing Platform (RMP) and Avature’s CRM Web 2.0 solution. As part of the 3.0 release of Jobs2web’s RMP, and ongoing development at Avature, both vendors worked together to coordinate the release of this integration and overall announcement of the partnership designed to benefit joint clients.

“This integration gives our clients a winning formula,” says Dimitri Boylan, CEO of Avature. “When using both solutions with the new integration, clients will be able to not only insure they are measuring and optimizing source channel effectiveness, creating and maintaining a compelling candidate experience but also managing and nurturing various combinations of candidate profiles and individuals on a 1:1 or 1:many basis.”

Clients using the Jobs2web platform will be able to automatically move candidates from the Jobs2web Talent Community into Avature’s CRM Web 2.0. This gives recruiters the best that state of the art in recruitment marketing has to offer. It combines the power of Jobs2web’s source tracking and optimization with Avature’s deep pedigree in how individual candidates are managed, nurtured and prompted through the hiring process.

“In many ways, it’s been our joint client base that has most heavily promoted our development of this integration,” says Ken Holec, CEO of Jobs2web. “Our joint clients have been very vocal about the value that these tools can create together and we’re very happy to include this integration in the 3.0 release.”

The partnership and technical integration between the two solutions was exhibited at Collaborate – Jobs2web’s second annual Users Conference in Bloomington, MN.