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Mark Wilson, Head of Talent Acquisition and Development at the McLaren Group, joins Chris Raniey to discuss how to build a future-proof talent acquisition strategy, the changing role of recruitment and TA in HR, and how McLaren’s HR group is tackling their employees’ demand for flexibility.

Episode highlights

00:00 Intro
00:59 Mark Wilson’s journey to the McLaren Group
02:38 What is it that attracts people to work at the McLaren Group?
04:33 How McLaren are differentiating themselves and competing for talent
06:52 What McLaren’s employee candidates are looking for
07:14 How McLaren’s HR group are tackling their employees’ demand for flexibility
09:08 McLaren’s expectation management in the recruiting process
12:35 How technology has changed McLaren’s talent management strategy
18:02 The challenges Mark met with implementing McLaren’s new ATS
25:30 The highlights of McLaren’s new application tracking system
26:50 – The support McLaren have received from Avature
27:46 – What’s next for McLaren
30:50 – The changing role of recruitment and talent acquisition in HR

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