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“It’s probably the only ATS I’ve ever worked with that all the recruiters are happy to use.” Metro Bank has leveraged Avature automation to dramatically improve how recruiters work, freeing them from tedious manual tasks. But Avature is also enabling the bank to champion diversity and inclusion in its hiring process.

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Streamlining Onboarding: From Manual to Automated

HR Manager

Learn how The Crown Prosecution Service leveraged Avature's automation to replace heavily manual processes, enable better monitoring, enhance efficiency and reduce onboarding time from 65 to 45 days.

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Enabling Data-Driven Recruiting

Talent Acquisition Excellence Manager

Discover how Virgin Media O2 takes a data-driven approach to recruiting, consolidates its brand presence and enhances efficiency thanks to Avature.

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Powering Digital Transformation in Talent Acquisition

Head of Talent Acquisition

Virgin Media O2 implemented Avature to consolidate its recruiting operations following a merger. Since then, the platform has become the center of the company’s digital transformation strategy for talent acquisition. Learn more in this video.

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