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Your New Hire Onboarding Best Practices Checklist


The right onboarding strategy can provide companies with benefits that persist throughout the entire talent lifecycle. This is why it’s vital to get the first steps of a new hire’s journey right. Companies everywhere need to think long and hard about what they want their onboarding processes to look like.

All successful onboarding strategies have a number of key elements in common, including:

  • A robust pre-boarding period to drive engagement.
  • An agile and modern onboarding solution (including dynamic user portals)
  •  A personalized new hire experience.

Are you looking to up your new hire onboarding game? Download our onboarding checklist and discover how you can drive employee retention, decrease time-to-productivity and provide new hires with a rewarding and unforgettable introduction to your company.

In this guide, we also cover:

  • The importance of developing an onboarding strategy in your company.
  • The value of putting in place the right new hire onboarding solution.
  • Why social onboarding matters in our post-pandemic world.
  • How a one-platform approach connects the onboarding experience to company-wide talent management initiatives.