Your Guide to Rethinking Retail Recruiting

Retailers with multiple store locations suffer staff turnover of up to 75%! Read our guide to discover tools to build a strategy that will allow you to recruit more efficiently and effectively in the retail industry.

In the retail industry, efficiency is everything. Unfortunately, today’s common recruiting models don’t provide store managers with the means to recruit quickly, hire well, and analyze results. Ready for a new way to recruit? In this guide you will:

Understand the Problem

Retail companies are struggling to unify their business units with three common solutions that fail to deliver lasting results.

Explore the Impact of Recruiting

Talent Acquisition has a significant impact not only on your candidates but also on your bottom line.

Support Store Managers

Store managers need technology that is available from anywhere, at any time, and on any device. Learn more about these key elements.

Create a Continous Candidate Experience

Proactive recruiting and paperless onboarding provide efficiencies for slammed store managers, as well as new ways to engage talent in the retail industry.

Learn How to Improve ROI

Successful retail recruiting programs require measurement and analysis. Discover how to track your progress and continue advancing.

Annual turnover suffered by retailers.

Average amount of money that a business spends on advertising each open position.

Of candidates choose to spend their money elsewhere after a bad recruiting experience.

We created a flexible model that we could apply to any store and any market based on the needs of that specific hiring management team. The recruiters particularly loved the automation; it really has saved them time and reduced our time to hire.

Shanna Buxton

Talent Acquisition Manager