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Your Retail Recruitment Guide: How to leverage technology to save money and realize ROI

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Retailers with multiple store locations endure staff turnover as high as 75 percent per year.

With attrition numbers like no other industry, retail recruitment solutions need to empower talent acquisition teams to meet their organizations’ hiring needs, provide the experience candidates expect and demonstrate the value of their initiatives to the corporate office.

But recruiters and hiring managers don’t often have the technology to address these challenges effectively.

As a result of our partnership with some of the world’s most successful retailers, we’ve created a guide that analyzes why typical solutions used by large retailers for high-volume hiring fail.

We offer retail recruiting best practices and an effective alternative to dated, unscalable solutions that don’t have the level of reporting needed to assess and improve talent acquisition strategies. We shed light on how a solution specifically designed for retail recruitment, with capabilities including smart automation and comprehensive reporting, can positively impact your bottom line and help you show recruitment ROI.

Download this guide and discover how to:

  • Detect the capabilities your retail recruiting solution should have to allow you to effectively engage, hire and onboard staff at scale.
  • Leverage automation at every step of the recruiting journey to improve candidate and recruiter experience, with examples of large organizations doing high-volume hiring successfully .
  • Effectively onboard new hires, optimizing the experience of all stakeholders with a fully digitalized process.
  • Demonstrate recruitment ROI with clear, real-time, reportable data.