The ATS Buyer’s Guide: Choosing the Right Technology


As we support mostly large companies, where the cost of changing systems is high, our customers typically invest a considerable amount of time and resources in their selection process. With our ATS Buyer’s Guide you can benefit from their efforts by walking through the types of issues they have told us were important in their selection processes.

In this guide we cover critical strategic issues and a collection of tactical issues that we think will help with the writing of RFI and RFPs, inform due diligence tasks, and bring different stakeholders together to build consensus. Get helpful hints on how to ask the right questions and cut through marketing hype. Also, get insights into how the software business operates to understand how road maps impact the usefulness and shelf-life of systems.

Some of the topics we cover include:

  • Is your ATS going to be a tracking system, a compliance system, or a service delivery platform? Can it do all three?
  • What is the difference between a large-enterprise and mid-market system?
  • Does candidate experience end at the career site, and if not, where?
  • What do your legal and IT teams want to see in a product and how can you bring them into the selection process?


When we were thinking about a new global ATS, we wanted to make sure that the company we were going to partner with thought the same way that we did. We know things are changing, and the product you buy today will need to evolve pretty quickly. We did a significant amount of due diligence, but at the end of the day it was obvious that the partner we really needed to work with on this was Avature.”

Mike Brown, VP of Talent Acquisition, Siemens.

Download our ATS Buyer’s Guide and learn:

  • The features that will empower you to deliver an outstanding candidate experience.
  • How to assess system flexibility and ensure the solution you choose won’t limit you.
  • To shield your company against system bias and ensure your solutions accomplish their stated goals in terms of AI.
  • How to identify which vendors truly offer extensibility and flexibility depending on their general attitude towards software development.