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Technical Track

HRIS-attendees will learn the ins-and-outs of Avature's core system architecture from our leading experts and fill in any gaps in these highly technical sessions.

June 18
11:30 AM EDT | 17:30 PM CEST

Agenda for Thu – June 18 (times are expressed in US Eastern Time)

  • 11:30 am-11:40 am – MC Intro
  • 11:40 am-12:20 am – AI Advancements in Avature: Neural Networks & Natural Language Processing

In this session, we will discuss how AI can help you achieve real-world measurable outcomes by liberating your users from operational tasks. Join Matias di Tada, Rabih Zbib, and Nicolas Bader to see current AI advancements and how Avature’s white box approach to AI can meet the needs and concerns of the enterprise.

  • 12:20 pm-12:50 pm – From Your Sandbox to Production: Restless Innovation with Avature

Coming up with new strategies is hard enough, so Avature is always on the lookout for ways to enable our customers’ innovative ideas to come to fruition. Join Cristian Dujmovic and Matias di Tada to discover how our new configuration management tool will dramatically speed-up the process of going from sandbox to production.

  • 12:50 pm-1:00 pm – Break
  • 1:00 pm-1:40 pm – Custom Endpoints, Meet Process Savvy Managers

Recruiting teams interact with a constellation of third-party vendors. As part of its Junction integration toolbox, Avature will provide an easy way for non-techncial users to create bespoke API endpoints. Vendors will be able to edit or access any data you want from your Avature records, securely and painlessly. Join Matías Lespiau and Horacio Gómez to discover how to make the best of custom endpoints to manage, optimize, and improve your vendor ecosystem.

  • 1:40 pm-2:20 pm – Software Development Lifecycle

Staying at the top in a world that is in constant flux requires technology that adapts and innovates at an equally fast pace. From day one at Avature, we knew an update once in a blue moon wouldn’t cut it. Join Cristian Dujmovic and Pablo Dresler to learn how Avature approaches software development, how we manage to issue updates every two weeks and how a customer-driven roadmap results in a platform and a company that understands what organizations need.

  • 2:20 pm-2:30 pm – Break
  • 2:30 pm-3:00 pm – Data on Demand: Avature Innovative Extraction Tool

In today’s data-intensive world, companies are faced with the need to have information from disparate sources stored in one centralized location. Join Horacio Gómez and José Luis Canciani to discover how our latest innovative extraction tool will help companies feed the full log of events to a data warehouse or BI platforms for analytical purposes, as well as giving them granular control and the ability to create automated actions that can be triggered based on any change in the system.

  • 3:00 pm-3:30 pm – Monitoring and Performance: How We Optimize the Avature Platform

Avature’s mission is to help enterprises all over the world achieve their talent goals. For that purpose, we need to make sure that our platform is capable of adapting and scaling as our client’s needs evolve. Join Matías Lespiau and Gustavo Yoshizaki who will talk about the internal processes and tools that we’ve developed to guarantee that Avature is always ready to take on new challenges.

  • 3:30 pm-3:40 pm – MC Closing Remarks


Cristian Dujmovic



Gustavo Yoshizaki

Observability Director


Horacio Gómez

Product Engineering Director


Jose Luis Canciani

Data Engineering Director & Reports Manager


Matias di Tada

VP Product Engineering


Matias Lespiau

VP Development Management


Nicolas Bader

Product Marketing Generalist - Team Lead


Pablo Dresler

Engineering Project Management Director


Rabih Zbib

Director NLP & Machine Learning