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Technical Track

HRIS-attendees will learn the ins-and-outs of Avature's core system architecture from our leading experts and fill in any gaps in these highly technical sessions.

Agenda for Day 4 (Technical Track)

  • Software Development Lifecycle

Staying at the top in a world that is in constant flux requires technology that adapts and innovates at an equally fast pace. From day one at Avature, we knew an update once in a blue moon wouldn’t cut it. Join this session with Matias Lespiau, VP Development Management, and Pablo Dresler, Engineering Project Management Director to learn how Avature approaches software development, how we manage to issue updates every two weeks and how a customer-driven roadmap results in a platform and a company that understands what organizations need.

  • From Your Sandbox to Production: Restless Innovation with Avature

Coming up with new strategies is hard enough, so Avature is always on the lookout for ways to enable our customers’ innovative ideas to come to fruition. Join this session with Eugenia Bruno, Functional Architect and Pablo Angelani, Engineering Director, to discover how our new configuration snapshots dramatically speed-up the process of going from sandbox to production.

  • Integration Satisfaction: The Role of Avature Junction

With 1,000+ integrations in production used by hundreds of clients worldwide, Avature has a proven track record of delivering integrations that fully satisfy customers’ business. Join Paula Vazquez, Engineering Director, José Canciani, Data Engineering Director and Horacio Gomez, Product Engineering Director, to discover how Junction, our cutting-edge integration framework, enables Avature to deliver sophisticated custom integrations with a broad range of systems, and how it provides tools for customers to manage their vendor ecosystem.

  • AI Advancements in Avature: Neural Networks & Natural Language Processing

In this session, we will discuss how AI can help you achieve real-world measurable outcomes by liberating your users from operational tasks. Join this session with Rabih Zbib, Director NLP & Machine Learning, Nicolas Bader, Product Marketing Manager, Generalist and Mariana Taglio, NLP Manager, to see current AI advancements, with a focus on skills matching and semantic search.


Eugenia Bruno

Functional Architect


Horacio Gomez

Product Engineering Director


José Canciani

Data Engineering Director


Mariana Taglio

NLP Manager


Matias Lespiau

VP Development Management


Nicolas Bader

Product Marketing Manager, Generalist


Pablo Angelani

Engineering Director


Pablo Dresler

Engineering Project Management Director


Paula Vazquez

Engineering Director


Rabih Zbib

Director NLP & Machine Learning