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We are excited to participate in this year’s edition of RecFest, taking place on July 11th in Knebworth. This cutting-edge event, which also serves as an outdoor festival, is the ideal forum for industry leaders to connect and shape the future of HR.

Designed specifically for TA and HR specialists, Resourcing Leaders and Hiring Managers, this event offers a powerful blend of actionable content, exclusive networking, and innovative tech solutions.

Drop by and say hi!

Unleash the power of data and AI to revolutionize your talent acquisition! Visit our demo station and discover how our platform optimizes every stage of your talent lifecycle. Avature experts are ready to unlock your recruitment potential.

We look forward to seeing you there!


Upcoming and On-demand Webinars

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Content management is essential for capturing and maintaining talent’s interest in the attention economy. Explore our comprehensive content management capabilities and take an exclusive look at an upcoming tool that will deliver unmatched power and autonomy.


How to Make Your Employer Branding Budget Work Harder

Leading companies know the value of strong employer branding. But how can you achieve the numbers that show it? Learn from our panel of experts as they discuss the strategies and practical solutions of a data-driven approach to employer branding.


The Path to Sourcing Success: Henkel’s Journey with Avature CRM

In the face of talent scarcity and rising candidate expectations, a proactive approach to sourcing and talent engagement is what empowered Henkel to transform common recruiting challenges into new opportunities. Join us for an exclusive insight into their tried and tested strategy.


An Industry-First Integration: Maximize Recruiting Efficiency With LinkedIn CRM Connect

Discover how our industry-first integration, LinkedIn CRM Connect, can transform your recruiting team’s efficiency.