Email Marketing for Recruitment

Did you know Email is 40x more powerful at acquiring new clients than both Facebook and Twitter combined? Read our Ebook to discover the 4 main components of a successful email marketing strategy for sourcers and recruiters.

Every experienced recruiter knows recruitment marketing matters. 42% of B2B organizations consider email to be one of the most effective lead generators for targeting new clients, so it’s crucial that your team knows how to leverage this strategy for maximum impact when it comes to engaging new talent. With our free Ebook, you’ll learn how to:

Build A Strong Database

Fill your database with the right candidates to grow and nurture talent pools, and ensure your lists stay clean and up to date to amplify your email strategy’s effectiveness.

Create The Right Content To Maximize Engagement

Craft engaging content that will attract active and passive talent alike and compel them to take action.

Increase Your Email Reputation & Boost Delivery

Avoid landing in the spam folder and increase your delivery rates to ensure your email campaigns are reaching their intended audience.

Measure ROI & Improve Future Performance

Track and measure your email performance to boost ROI and determine the best areas in which to focus your future efforts to maximize results.

Of all business revenue is generated by segmented and targeted email campaigns.

Email is 40 times more successful than Facebook and Twitter combined at acquiring new leads.

Of email marketers fail to leverage targeted emails.

It's very easy for our recruiters and sourcers to send mass emails to talent pools and send out information about all the wonderful things our company is doing. In Avature, the candidates become alive."

Bill Fowles

Talent Acquisition Manager