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High-Volume Recruiting Strategies in the Age of COVID-19

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High-volume recruiting in the era of social distancing poses unique challenges to organizations. 

Pre-coronavirus recruiting strategies generally involved close contact between candidates, hiring managers and recruiters. Given the realities of the current environment, companies have had to rewrite their processes on the go and under the shadow of enduring uncertainty. 

At the beginning of the pandemic, delivery companies, online retailers, grocery stores, as well as some healthcare companies and fast-food chains, saw unprecedented levels of demand. Amazon hired over 100,000 workers in April 2020 alone. Despite the overall economic downturn, some industries are thriving and need to expand their workforces quickly to meet an uptick no one could’ve predicted. And this presents a huge high-volume hiring challenge.

In a world still under the impact of COVID-19, activities have resumed, but consumers and candidates still behave in a very cautious manner – and are likely to do so until the pandemic is over. This means demand for some services will remain above normal

Moreover, many of the behavioral changes in the general population are likely to be permanent as well. For instance, a lot of people discovered the convenience of delivery. This will impact high-volume recruiting as well.

The Power of Automation and Recruitment Marketing

Large-scale, personalized recruitment marketing campaigns have proven necessary to meet the demands of filling open positions. Under incredible pressure to fill many new positions, recruiters need to get the word out really quickly. 

The only way to achieve this is by using automation. The obvious place to start is to target all qualified candidates in your database with email and SMS campaigns and to complement that with scheduled searches in job boards to find new candidates.

The unemployment rate increased all over the world in April 2020. The scenario in 2022 is different, yet candidates might still be hesitant to apply for a new job. Organizations are emphasizing more than ever in their recruitment marketing material and on their career sites that they’re taking measures to prevent the spread of the virus in the workplace.

However, while it is important to ensure safety in the workplace, candidates nowadays are pickier than ever. Not only do they expect a safe working environment, they demand a top-notch experience. When it comes to high-volume recruiting, the application process needs to be as simple and quick as possible, otherwise many candidates will get lost halfway through the process. For example, you could streamline the process by allowing candidates to confirm their applications by replying to an SMS.

And to process the thousands and thousands of resulting applications, recruiters also need a helping hand to tackle volume hiring challenges. Companies need processes that can differentiate between unqualified and qualified candidates, create offers, schedule interviews and keep every stakeholder up-to-speed automatically. With the AI and automation capabilities of Avature CRM, recruiters can easily tick all these boxes.

By the hand of automation, volume recruitment represents a radical shift in how many companies normally recruit. Some will need to sit down and think about the key variables that define when a candidate is qualified for a position and then translate that into functional workflows and parameters that are executable and repeatable. Not all solutions out there are flexible enough to achieve agile automation. However, our clients don’t need to worry about that.

Another point to consider is that, especially because of social distancing measures, onboarding needs to be as effective and quick as it has always been. A human approach to virtual onboarding is key to ensuring that all social connections that are necessary to operate efficiently are in place.

Strengthen Your Employer Brand

With high-volume hiring, it might seem like a challenge, but it’s important that you keep candidates informed of their application status at all times. Even when a candidate is not the right fit, you need to communicate that in a timely manner. 

Experiences during the pandemic are likely to leave a long-lasting impression on candidates and consumers alike. Despite the challenges and the distance, you need to be more human than ever in your approach to recruitment.

Be sure to frame your recruitment efforts appropriately. For instance, if you’re expanding or rehiring staff you had to let go, talk about how important it is to your company to do right by its new or returning employees. And again, make sure to talk about the measures you’re taking to protect your workforce.

Bear in mind that candidates who have been furloughed, laid off or experienced pay/benefit cuts will be naturally distrustful of their next employer. A strong brand with the right messaging and a consumer-grade experience will go a long way towards creating that trust.

High-Volume Hiring With Avature

Perhaps more than in the last 70 years, agility reigns supreme as the currency of the business world

Avature has worked relentlessly over the years to build a recruiting platform that can adapt to anything at any time. We embrace the idea that there are unknown unknowns, and that we will have to face challenges that we never imagined. As such, we built our platform following the premise that we should be ready to do things we never thought we would need to do. 

For some companies, this level of adaptability means scaling their digital recruiting efforts to never-before-seen heights. To others,  it means getting ready to turn on their hiring engines in a second, keeping talent engaged today and growing their talent pipelines now to hire fast and efficiently tomorrow.

For organizations that choose Avature, the benefits of this approach are more visible and tangible than they’ve ever been. Some of the biggest online and traditional retail companies in the world are using Avature to expand through efficient volume recruitment despite unprecedented constraints. 

As we go through the most disruptive event in generations, we will continue to work shoulder-to-shoulder with our clients to help them meet their recruiting and organization goals.

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