Avature Junction

Avature Junction empowers our customers to take control of their vendor ecosystem.

Digital transformation demands robust integrations and sophisticated data flows. Avature has a proven track record of supporting large company transformations, having delivered over 1000 connections that meet the specific requirements of our customers - both on time and on budget.

Confidently Connect to any other HR System, Tool or App of Your Choice

Avature’s open integration policy places no constraints on your selection of suppliers. Connect with any new company that adds value to your programs.

Avature’s out-of-the-box integrations include a wide range of curated best-in-class HR providers. Choose with confidence.

Easily integrate third-party solutions into your Avature workflows for end-to-end automation and seamless user experiences.

Depend on us. Our highly scalable framework supports over 100,000 integration runs per month and securely processes millions of records each day.

The Avature Advantage

As more and more organizations look to replace outdated, on-premise applications with cloud applications, HR leaders are in need of a flexible, functional and reliable integrations framework that can support agile practices and deliver complementary services without degrading the candidate experience.

Avature can create custom integrations quickly and seamlessly thanks to the technical capabilities of our integration experts and the robust integration framework of our platform, lowering costs and allowing our customers to manage suppliers using a performance-based marketplace approach that reduces dependencies on underperforming participants and rewards high performers with more business.

Our Zero-Compromise Integrations Capabilities Explained

As a scalable service that is native to the Avature cloud, Junction’s comprehensive toolkit allows our analysts to quickly build batch or real-time templated integration workflows that are easy to maintain, secure, centrally monitored, and capable of high throughput.

Dedicated Technical Service Team

Our technical services team provides on-demand, highly skilled technical manpower that has built thousands of integrations using Junction, for low-risk and low-cost execution.

Flexible by Design

Avature supports a broad range of data formats (e.g., XML, JSON, CSV), as well as all major data transfer protocols (e.g., SOAP, REST, FTP) and authentication protocols (e.g., OAuth, TLS, PGP).

Seamless Data Transformations

Data stored in one format in your system (e.g., CSV) can be transformed into any other format (e.g., XML, JSON), eliminating the need for developing custom connections on your end to meet the requirements of third-party vendors, saving you big on time and maintenance costs.

Non-technical users can create custom endpoints from the UI of their solution and control exactly what data elements are exposed to third-party systems. All fields from the data model can be made readable and writable at the endpoint and the endpoint supports the exchange of documents.

Enhanced Data Control and Privacy

Unlike standard APIs that may expose too much data to a partner and their developers, custom endpoints provide admin users with the ability to manage field-level data access from the UI.

HR Self-Reliance

Endpoints enable HR teams to adopt new integrations and adapt their strategies on the fly without having to contact HRIS and IT departments every time something needs tweaking.

Personalized Automatic Documentation

Custom Endpoints conform with the OpenAPI Specification (OAS), an industry-standard language for describing APIs. Avature will automatically generate documentation specific to each endpoint resulting in cost-effective and time-efficient development and deployment processes.

Privileged users can enable off-the-shelf integrations with all major job boards, ATS, HRIS, and background check and assessment vendors from our predefined catalog from the User Interface.

An Ever-Growing Catalog

Our collection of more than 300 out-of-the-box integrations increases by the day to meet the evolving needs of our customers.


Privileged users can enable and disable the off-the-shelf integrations from the user interface and generate login credentials and API keys so that the vendor can provide the services.


Integrations can easily be checked out of the catalog and then modified to support a unique set of requirements with the respective vendor.

The Benefits of Junction

"Software like Avature makes us more agile because we can tweak and configure things very quickly. We don’t need to go ask, ‘Hey, can you change this field for us, can you make this tweak?’ We can do it ourselves in a matter of seconds. Actions that people expected to take two, three weeks are accomplished in a matter of minutes. For example, in the past integrations had a reputation of being very much long-term projects for us, now it’s all done very quickly."

Anchal Saxena TA Systems and Reporting Manager, APAC at CBRE