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A mobile career portal, displaying options to search for jobs and view open positions, along with a list of new job openings.

Why Avature Connect for WeChat?

Showcase your employer brand and seamlessly connect with candidates. With Avature Connect for WeChat you can reinvent your talent engagement strategy, delivering a fully personalized experience to candidates on their favorite channel.

While the candidates’ full application journey evolves on WeChat, the hiring process takes place within the Avature platform, granting you complete visibility. With a single source of truth, you can optimize strategies using a data-driven approach.

Extend engagement tactics to new hires and employees. With Avature Connect for WeChat, transform your workforce into brand ambassadors who can promote your organization within their network, refer contacts and explore new, internal opportunities.

A mobile career microsite, showing a company culture video and the different cities where the company is located.

Showcase Your Employer Brand

Through mobile-friendly and highly customizable landing pages and microsites, Avature Connect for WeChat allows you to bring your employer brand to life.

Demonstrate your talent efforts and champion initiatives for different audience segments through targeted content, such as real-life employee stories and department-based marketing.

Reach New Levels of Candidate Engagement

Leverage WeChat messaging straight from your Avature platform and send personalized communications to people interested in your company.

Keep candidates up-to-date on jobs and events that they may find relevant, including those they applied to or registered for.

A mobile career portal, displaying options for a candidate to apply for jobs and to follow the company on social media.

No Time to Waste

The flow of information between Avature and WeChat happens instantly.

Candidates and employees can view jobs as soon as they’re posted on your company’s official WeChat account. No delay, no waiting around!

Automatically receive candidate information through WeChat as soon as they apply and start engaging with them right away.

A career portal, displaying options to apply for job openings and to share them through social media and email.

Tap Into Your Employees’ Circle

With Avature Portals, you’re just one click away from expanding your talent pool via employees’ existing contacts.

Leverage the power of WeChat’s viral communication and empower your workforce to promote events and opportunities within their networks, driving brand awareness and traffic.

360-Degree Reporting

Avature Connect for WeChat allows you to keep track of candidates’ end-to-end application journey, from the moment they view the job on WeChat to when they accept the offer.

Through Avature’s robust reporting framework, you can build dashboards and compare metrics at a glance. You can measure and assess the effectiveness of your entire recruiting process, such as candidate conversion rates, source effectiveness and the ROI of your recruitment marketing activities.

A mobile events portal, displaying upcoming campus events and a search field for finding events by keyword.

Step-Up Your Campus Recruitment Game

Promote your recruiting events with Avature Connect for WeChat and target a vast source of talent before they even enter the labor market. You can boost attendance, grow your talent pool and keep new hires warm until their first day.

Take care of registrations in advance and keep talent engaged through personalized automated communications. This ensures a valuable candidate journey, from their first interaction to their final interview.

Boost your Recruiting Power with Avature

Fully integrate Avature Connect for WeChat to your other talent initiatives - all in one system.

Retail Recruiting

Avature In-Store is a unique hiring solution designed with store managers, for store managers.

Internal Mobility

Harness AI and powerful skills management tools to create a thriving talent marketplace where employees can own their career growth while managers fill business-critical internal opportunities.

Employee Onboarding

With the Avature Onboard solution, you can combine a step-by-step new hire process with an engaging social experience that fosters collaboration and increased productivity.