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Our Software
helps identify, attract, hire, develop, and retain talented people, define their
culture, and ensure that their companies have the human capital to meet their strategic objectives.
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provides our customers with a high performance and highly secure hosting environment
for their separate instance of the Avature system.
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The Avature system is unique in that it is designed to be configured and reconfigured while in production use,
giving business managers, analysts, and HRIS professionals built-in digital agility.
Avature CRM
Avature ATS
Avature DNA™
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  • Avature CRM
    Avature CRM

    Harness social media to source, connect, and engage Talent. Leverage viral behavior, multichannel marketing, and fully branded landing pages for high impact passive candidate recruiting. Use Talent Pooling and interactive dashboards to redefine your relationship with hiring managers and better manage your delivery process.

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  • Avature ATS
    Avature ATS

    Designed to replace hard to use legacy ATS products and their outdated career sites, this next generation ATS supports high performance recruiting. Redefine the user experience for candidates, recruiters, and hiring managers and make competitive practices, collaboration, and service delivery core capabilities of your department.

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  • Avature Onboard

    Fully engage new and transitioning employees and speed up time-to-productivity with an enterprise social onboarding solution that lets you tailor, automate, track, and coordinate every step of your various onboarding processes. Use Avature’s fully branded and mobile optimized portals to deliver a consumer-web experience to new hires, making your onboarding process paperless and letting them connect with their teams even before day one.

  • Avature DNA
    Avature DNA

    Designed for the mobile social generation, Avature DNA™ offers a unique combination of internal social network and process centric employee mobility. Engage your workforce based on their professional background, work experience, and relationships with other employees. Orchestrate an agile and organic process of workforce optimization to increase retention and satisfaction.

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