Performance Management

Avature Performance Management allows you to re-envision the performance process and tailor it to your needs.

Why Avature Performance Management

With Avature Performance Management you can create ongoing, agile, and collaborative processes that allow you to shift from annual backward-looking evaluations to as-needed, fact-based performance discussions.

Avature is a true differentiator when it comes to understanding and getting your arms around your talent. I believe that everyone wants to feel a part of something and that’s what engagement does for a company. You get that discretionary effort from people, that true engagement, by ensuring they feel connected to the core and a part of something bigger.

Terri Lewis, Senior Vice President Global Human Resources, Pontoon

Set Up Agile and Transparent Goal Management

With Avature, employees can set and track their goals and objectives.They can revise them, as needed, to keep pace with your company’s changing needs. You can also make certain goals public across the company in order to foster collaboration and create a transparent work culture.

Encourage Ongoing Check-Ins

Avature allows you to set up check-ins that encourage regular conversations between employees and managers about employee progress, goal alignment, and development areas. You can define the check-in structure in order to document the outcomes of a meaningful conversation.

Collect Real-Time Feedback and Recognition

With Avature, employees can request and receive feedback from peers, managers, direct reports, and people outside of the organization, such as vendors and clients, at any time. Managers can also request feedback about their team members for a more holistic understanding of their employees’ performance. The feedback process can be customized according to your organization’s policies and culture, including question types, anonymity, visibility, and frequency.

Customize Performance Evaluations

Avature allows you to design a forward-looking and streamlined performance review process to help employees develop themselves for the future. The review can include a self-assessment on goals and competencies, peer review, and the manager’s evaluation. Managers can guide employee development using relevant data from feedback, check-ins, notes, and the employee’s performance history.

Enable Social Engagement

By combining Avature Performance Management with Avature DNA, you can foster a high-performance culture by acknowledging high performers publicly and announcing achievements, promotions, and outstanding results. In addition, colleagues can recognize each other for actions that are associated with any of your core company values, thus reinforcing desired behaviors. You can also promote ongoing development by targeting learning and mobility opportunities — such as training courses, articles, stretch assignments, and new openings — based on employee skills, interests, and areas of development.

Analyze and Report Meaningful Data

Avature’s reporting capabilities let you go beyond the nine-box grid report. You can report on all the data gathered throughout the performance period to easily identify organizational skill gaps, high- and low-performing employees, and other metrics that can help you drive strategic HR initiatives.

Fully Customize the Solution

Unlike most performance management systems, Avature gives you full control over the design of your performance management process and site. We understand that there is no model that works for every company, so we deliver a solution that can be fully customized to meet the unique needs of your different regions, jobs, and departments. As your organizational culture changes, Avature solutions can be optimized to keep pace.