New Hire Onboarding

With Avature Onboard you can engage new hires with a social onboarding experience that fosters integration and drives productivity.

Why Avature Onboard

Because the candidate experience doesn’t end when the offer is signed.

Begin each new hires’ journey with a fully branded, mobile optimize, personal social experience. Help new hires get to know their teammates, sign documents, schedule training, plan their route to the office and know where to buy lunch — all before their first day.

Provide unique experiences for returning employees, executives, remote workers, and collect critical data for your recruiting organization on recruiting success and time-to-productivity.

Tools like the ones we use from Avature help our customers engage their candidates early and stay connected throughout the entire hiring process from first contact to onboarding, and beyond. We’re moving away from just tracking to a platform for full engagement with all HR stakeholders—candidates, recruiters, hiring mangers, employees, and more.”

Annie Hammer
Vice President, Global Emerging Technologies and Projects, Pontoon Solutions

Make Onboarding a Social Experience

Give your new hires access to a branded and fully customizable onboarding portal, one where they can meet their colleagues and connect with the company culture all before their first day.

Experience It Firsthand

Go Paperless with Web-Forms and Portals

Decrease admin, printing and shipping costs by delivering key documentation online. Our e-signature integration makes it possible for new hires to sign legal documents – including offer letters, agreements and policies – right from your new hire onboarding portal.

Speed up Time to Productivity With Online Training Scheduling

Create and manage multiple calendars and assign training schedules to your new hires, or use Avature’s self-service scheduling tool to let them choose the most convenient time to attend each session.

Check It Out

Deliver Targeted Content for a Personalized Experience

Provide new hires with a consumer experience via personalized and targeted content according to role type and level, business area, geography or any other parameter. From a description of tasks and responsibilities, to a list of local restaurants, fitness centers and childcare facilities close to the office, deliver content that provides your new hires with tangible value.

Streamline and Automate Your Onboarding Process

Ensure the effective coordination of all stakeholders and easily manage tickets, tasks and documentation delivery with Avature’s advanced workflow automation and case management capabilities.

Optimize Onboarding Today

Add Clarity With Real-Time Metrics

Leverage Avature’s reporting framework to create multiple advanced analytics reports based on any data element available within your new hire onboarding solution. Combine reports based on user roles to create dashboards and deliver relevant, actionable and value-driven information.

Tailor Your Solution to Your Various Onboarding Processes

The elements needed for a successful new hire onboarding may differ based on business unit, job level and  region. With Avature, you can fully customize your data model, workflows, email templates and portals to deliver unique experiences that align with your brand and your multiple new hire onboarding processes.

Integrate With Ease

Pre-built integrations and an open API integration framework allow for easy, bi-directional connectivity with core HR systems and other third-party vendors such as I9 management and benefits enrollment systems.

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