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  • The impact that investing in the right technology can have across organizations.
  • How to bring learning to life by uncovering the “voice of the employee.”
  • How to help HR effectively assess the skills within their workforce, motivate learners and benchmark progress.
  • How learning can seamlessly fit into talent management ecosystems, which helps to fill skills gaps, improve employees’ performance, promote internal mobility and reach organizational goals.

In today’s digital era, the business landscape is evolving at an unprecedented pace. To thrive, organizations must embrace digital transformation, making technology a cornerstone of growth, innovation and competitiveness.

However, the path to digital success isn’t without its challenges. Ninety-three percent of organizations are concerned about employee retention and one of the key drivers of turnover is a lack of learning and upskilling opportunities. With our guide, we’ll help you navigate this complex process by drawing from the experiences and insights of organizations like yours.

What you’ll find inside:

  • Identifying LMS limitations: Find out why your learning software could be hindering your success.
  • Reimagining Your Learning Strategy: Understand the considerations when assessing next-generation learning technology.
  • Tapping Into the Power of Social: Discover how social features can help reduce the hidden operating risk that comes from work-from-home programs.
  • Going Beyond Functionality: Leverage best practices from our customers that’ll help you identify a genuine partner when evaluating learning software vendors.

In the current HR landscape, delivering a best-of-breed learning experience has become increasingly crucial, especially with the emergence of generative AI. Learners, in their quest for company-specific knowledge, may resort to using these types of tools. However, it’s important to remember that generative AI doesn’t prioritize accuracy; it predicts words based on context rather than ensuring factual correctness.”

Dimitri Boylan
Avature Founder & CEO

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