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Discover the Exponential Power of Avature 10 (US/EMEA)

Are you ready to see the potential of Avature 10 in action? Join us to take an in-depth look at the functionalities to come with the release.

May 31, 202311:00 EDT | 17:00 CEST

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With 96 percent of organizations looking to redesign their HR function, we will introduce an update to the Avature platform that will unleash the power to drive that transformation. Let’s welcome Avature 10!

Focused on customization, adaptability and user control, the Avature team has been working hard to take our platform’s signature configurability to the next level. Through a revamped user experience and highly intuitive tools, with Avature 10, you will have more autonomy to tailor the system and meet the demands of today’s dynamic talent landscape.

Join Avature’s Positioning Specialist, Misha Chakrabarti, and Sales Enablement Specialist, Vincenzo Fiocco, on May 31 as they walk you through the functionalities that will improve the way you use Avature through:

  • A deeper focus on user experience
  • An enhanced architecture
  • Increased autonomy

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The Avature Team


Misha Chakrabarti

Positioning Specialist

Vincenzo Fiocco

Sales Enablement Specialist

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