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Video Interview

Recruit globally and provide an intuitive user experience for all stakeholders with Avature Video Interview.

Why Avature Video Interview?

Avature Video Interview is an easy-to-implement stand-alone or add-on solution that allows you to offer both live and on-demand interviews on fully branded, accessible and mobile-optimized portals.

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Live Interviews

Deliver a flexible live interview experience for multiple participants that reduces scheduling efforts and eliminates travel costs.

On-demand (Recorded) Interviews

Take advantage of on-demand video interviews that free all stakeholders from scheduling challenges and allow hiring managers to review candidates at their convenience.

Compare Candidate Profiles

Built-in form-based questions allow managers to filter candidates based on their answers and review and share recordings with other team members for quick feedback.

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Interview Scheduling Made Simple

Avature scheduling capabilities eliminate the burden of coordinating live one-to-one, group and panel video interviews. In fact, candidates can self-schedule via a fully branded portal that updates in real-time, only displaying time slots that work for everyone.

Comprehensive Dashboards & Reporting

View real-time metrics on scheduled interviews, participants, cancelations, reschedules and other essential data that captures the amount of work your team is doing to support the business.

Seamlessly Connect to Other Solutions

Combine Video Interview with any Avature Solution of your choice. Connect to Avature CRM and ATS to enrich your sourcing and hiring, Avature Campus & Events to capitalize on virtual events and even orchestrate video reviews by integrating with Avature Performance Management.

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