Employee Engagement

Avature DNA is an innovative employee hub where engagement and culture form the new core of strategic HR.

Why Avature DNA

Avature DNA is an employee hub that allows HR to interact with the employee community and understand what drives them, providing the insight to make smarter talent decisions. Avature DNA combines the best features of social and professional networks, making it immediately familiar to all of your employees. This employee hub is where engagement and culture form the new core of strategic HR.

Compile Relevant Information with Employee Profiles

With Avature DNA, you can collect employees’ education and work experience, skills, hobbies, professional interests, current projects and other data relevant to your business. These profiles also build collaboration, as employees can endorse each other’s skills and add recommendations. Profiles can be automatically pre-populated with information from employees’ resumes or with data imported from your HRIS, LMS, and other systems.

Create a Personalized Employee Experience with Targeted Content

Avature DNA allows you to leverage the data gathered about employees by serving them targeted advertisements based on their skills, location, interests, or areas of development. For example, you can display mobility opportunities in the U.S. to employees who are willing to relocate or offer a leadership course to managers who should further develop a certain skill.

Increase the Visibility of Your HR Programs

Avature DNA allows you to send manual or automatic announcements to congratulate high-performing employees, communicate mobility changes in the organization, or welcome new members to your organization. Announcements can include a topic tag such as #mobility or #highperformers that employees can follow to stay up to date with changes and news in the organization.

Make Internal Talent Accessible to Facilitate Collaboration

Avature DNA allows employees to search for other colleagues based on skills, experience, interests, and other criteria. This way, you can empower hiring managers to find potential good fits within the company for new positions or projects. Also, you can increase collaboration by giving employees the tools to discover colleagues who could collaborate with them on a task.

Create A One Stop Shop For Centralized Content & Sites

Avature DNA includes a customizable menu with links to the Avature platform or other company sites and applications. This helps employees find everything they need in one centralized place, which supports an interactive and engaging experience.