Functional training on Avature CRM is free of charge to new users. But because our tool interfaces with over 100 Internet sites and searches and filters the open Web, we find that our clients are interested in specific training that relates to effectively searching the Internet.


Avature CRM is flexible and highly configurable. It puts ERP systems power in the hands of users without time consuming and costly implementations. To get the most out of Avature CRM, we provide advanced training that focuses on establishing and refining progressive business practices that can be enabled using out-of-the-box features and functionality.

Advanced Internet Research

We focus on the day-to-day utility of the Internet as a research and sourcing and lead generation tool so you come away with the latest techniques used to uncover hard to find professionals. Advanced search string development and the use of search engine specific custom operators are fully explored. Social Web Sites are fully examined and defined sourcing strategies are developed. New CRM features such as Person Hunt are explained and used to demonstrate how to develop a person’s web profile. And there is always something new to talk about!

Open Web Sourcing Techniques: using Google, Yahoo!, BING, and other major and minor search tools, custom operators, the value of snippets, automation strategies, and global issues.

Social Website Sourcing: separating content from functionality, global content analysis, network connectivity vs. network privacy, automation’s role, content value and community culture: rules of engagement, tracking and monitoring site growth, and finding the high value niche sites.

Boolean and Beyond: advanced search string construction – nesting, quotes, common operators and special operators, site behavior, snippets, SEO and relevancy, using a search string library for international assignments, and more…

Social Media Advertising: getting above the noise - understanding twitter, Rich Media Ads, applets and other trends and how they are affecting the recruitment advertising market.

Talent Acquisition Process Design Workshops

Designed for Advanced Users in management roles or HRIS professionals, this workshop program outlines the fundamental concepts employed by sophisticated business functional analysts to design and optimize business processes. Practice designs are developed in our CRM system using our Process Builder, Forms Builder and Object Extenders. Workflow concepts, rules construction, triggers & notifications settings, and report building are covered. Bring your domain knowledge to this workshop oriented program, where participants are given a raw application to configure recruiting workflows and generate related reports.

Job & Campaign Workflow vs. Candidate or Prospect Pipeline Workflow (pipelining vs. pooling): knowing how to construct the fundamental framework to support disparate non-linear collaborative processes.

Workflow Driven E-mail Marketing: understanding the internal systems tasks of high volume processes and how they affect execution, journaling, bouncing, and more…

Workflow Processes & Dashboards: how to assign processing of large volumes of information by configuring and sharing Dashboards with rules based on workflows.

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