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Live Webinar

Unlocking Hidden Talent with Internal Mobility

Find out how L’Oreal reduced employee turnover by developing a program to boost internal mobility within the company.

Sept. 26
11:00 AM EDT | 17:00 PM CEST

It is not only the economic cost of staff turnover that hurts businesses, but also the vacuum of expertise and impact on customer service. This realization has put employee retention to the forefront of today’s HR dialogue. But with so few getting it right, what can be done to keep top talent from walking out the door?

When L’Oreal internally surveyed their workforce, they discovered that a lack of transparency into available opportunities was a major driving force behind high-performers leaving the organization. To stem the tide of talent, L’Oreal designed a global program to deliver greater visibility into potential career pathways and professional growth at the company. 

L’Oreal’s Chief Digital Officer, Niilesh Bhoite, walks us through how they leveraged Avature to develop a platform that:

  • Increased internal mobility opportunities by 77%
  • Reduced by 75% the costs and time associated with recruiting by improving internal communication channels
  • Earmarked employees with a high flight risk to trigger preemptive measures to reduce staff turnover
  • Allowed flexibility to meet differing requirements across geographies and job-types
  • Recognized application trends to model alternative career trajectories

Don’t miss this one-off webinar as Niilesh explains how L’Oreal gave power back to its employees, and shares insider tips on how to improve internal mobility and decrease staff turnover.


Niilesh Bhoite

Chief Digital Officer

Pamela Vannucci

Product Marketing Specialist

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