Live Webinar

Unearth Early Talent With Recruitment Events

Check out our webinar to learn actionable tips on how Regeneron connect with high-caliber early talent by leveraging career fairs and recruitment events.

Jan. 22, 2020
11:00 AM EST

A focused approach to recruitment events can be crucial for organizations looking to gain a competitive edge in the war for talent. The benefits of such a program are numerous, from strengthening the employer brand to driving cost savings. But with so many falling short in this key business strategy, what can you do to better connect with high-caliber candidates?

Who better to ask than Caroline Hrehovcik and Jennifer Bernasconi, two of the HR minds behind Regeneron’s strategy to leverage career fairs to engage early talent. They’ll be joining us for a one-off live webinar, where you can learn actionable tips on how they used Avature to:

  • Craft custom landing pages for applications, referrals, and showcasing career opportunities
  • Build relationships with early talent via automated and branded emails
  • Empower recruiters to perform a variety of actions whilst at events, such as saving resumes and rating candidates
  • Pipeline and filter candidates based on factors such as educational background and ratings
  • Invite candidates to create a profile with key information
  • Identify outstanding candidates so that a high-touch approach can be adopted

Don’t miss your chance to learn what you can do to improve your events management strategy.


Caroline Hrehovcik

University Relations Specialist

Jennifer Bernasconi

Associate Director, University Relations

Lina Hölker

Product Marketing Manager

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